Friday, August 31, 2007

Smart Look-alike Meter

Look a like meter

Pulling the Hair out!!!

So, school has started for Logan. He loves it. He thinks that his teacher is just the best. Not only is she nice, she is cute too. Logan thinks that this is what makes a great teacher. Well, if that all there is to being a god teacher Why is it again that I went to school for four years to get a degree in education.
But really I am glad that he is learning and enjoying himself a great deal. He is a little spit fire though. He knows what he wants and likes and what he does not want and does not like. This quality can be pressing at times. Like when we want to go to a friends house and we are not going because this mom can not seem to get a hold of the other parent. Logan can not understand why I can not just sit next to the phone and call and call and call and call until they answer their phone. Or why when it is 10:30pm why I do not feel like making him a big dinner again after we had a nice dinner at 6:00pm.
But he puts the fun and unexpected into my life. He has lost both of his front teeth. He looks so cute. I want to take a picture of it but he will not let me by telling me that I need to stop bragging that he lost his teeth. Which I have to laugh at.
Now Lexi. ( *Closes eyes and shakes head with a sigh* ) That girl is just like Logan. She can not wait to start Preschool. Her school starts on the 10Th and she thinks that is just the neatest thing. I have heard nothing but about all the friends that she is going to meet and that Logan is not allowed to play with them. Because boys are gross and that is just the way that it is. So, Lexi has been trying to grow her hair long. While in Disneyland she told me that she wanted it to touch the ground and that she wanted to be black and not the light blond that she is now. I told her I thought the length was a little long but it was her hair as for if it would be black I did not think that was possible. She frowned but seemed to accept what I told her. So what she did three days ago shocked the pants off of me.
I have been sick. I had a fever, stuffy nose and sore throat. The kids were good the first day. they messed up the house but were good. The second day which was Sunday was not as good. It went from bad to worse in a matter of 20 min. I had just gone out to get another drink to help with how dry my throat was feeling. The kids decided that they thought that it would be funny to let the fridge water clean the kitchen floor so they let it run until the the floor was so wet that when I step int he kitchen I almost fell on my butt. I know that I yelled something like, clean the floor up and here are some towels. And thanks for using all the cold water. I went and laid back down deciding that I would wait for cold water and that I need to lay down after the rant that I had had in the kitchen. After 20min. I could not wait any longer I needed a drink. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the floor was wet. but not only that there was something weird all over the floor. As a gripped the edge of the counter to take a closer look I realized that I was looking a strands of light blond hair. I screamed " ALEXIS JEAN SMART, you better get out here NOW!!!" Out she bounces with scissors in hand and her hair looking less than fabulous. I lost it. I will admit it. I was tired, sick and was not up for this. I could not help it. I sat on the floor and cried. No a better word for what I did was freak out. That is what I did I freaked out. Her hair went from shoulder length to two inches long on one side of her head. She did not cut her bangs, and she did not cut her right side of her head. I could not look at her she looked like a Pablo Picasso painting gone wrong. I put her in her room and called a place to see if I could get the hair fixed. I called a place called LollyLocks. Zoe was going to fix her hair. On the phone they told me not to worry they had seen it all.
Jared and I took Lexi to LollyLocks on Monday. When we got their Zoe says, "It's not that....... OH!" From the front it did not look as bad as it really was. from behind it looked bad. She turned to me and asked what I wanted her to do. I smiled and said Fix it but make her look like a cute girl, with a cute cut. She then looked at Lexi and asked what she wanted. Lexi asked for Long Hair. With that She realized that there was no long hair for awhile. Zoe did a great job. Lexi looks cute. I still like the long hair on her better. But she does look cute.
So, with that If this is what the beginning of the school year is going to be like I am not looking forward to the rest of the year. But who am I kidding anyway. It has to get better. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr Brightside

This is my all time favorite song right now. It is a great song o listen to as you work out.

Friday, July 27, 2007

What does Disneyland and 30 have in common?

OK, so you might be asking yourself what does the two have in common. Well, I turned 30 while I was spending the week at Disneyland. It was so fun. I have never been told Happy Birthday so many times in my life. My parents were great. At night they let Jared and I go out at night and have some fun while they went to bed early. While we were there we had a ton of pictures taken. Although this was a busy trip meaning spending time with kids and enjoying my time with Jared I do not think that I would have done too much differently.
This is a picture of Jared and I on the first night that we were there. As you can tell it was taken on main street and it was about 11pm. I think I had forgotten how much fun it is to just be together and talk about grown up things and have a blast hanging out. It was nice to get reacquainted with my best friend.
This was also from the same night. It was cool to see the castle all bright and picturesque. We just had to get our picture taken. It was funny to see all these really young teenage couples getting their pictures taken in front of the castle with their Mickey Ears on their heads. Girls checking and rechecking their hair to make sure that it laid just right while the guys made sure that the ears looked good while sitting on top to the baseball cap that they refused to take off.
Lexi as one might think Lexi just loved seeing Cinderella and the other princesses. This year there was an entire area for little girls to go and visit the Princesses and make sure that they get to enjoy the look and feel of being a Princess.
Lexi made sure to tell Cinderella how much she loved her. And how beautiful she was. And that she really loved her movies.
Although Lexi was not sure about Mulan she still gave her big hugs and told her that she liked her horse. Which Jared and I had to think about but Mulan did have a horse.
At Disneyland in the watch shop on Main street you can get an Artist to paint a picture and then they will scan it and it will be placed into a watch. You also get the original painting. It is a neat thing that I have always want to get. My sister was the first one to get one. Her got a red monochromatic Pinocchio. Then my mom got a light purple Maleficent. And for my 30th Birthday I got Mickey and Minnie Kissing. Each day is a different artist. My mom and sister and I all have the same artist. His name is Dave Smith. He is and artist that illustrates children's books. His art work is amazing and he has a eye for playing with the characters and making the pop on the paper as well as the watch.
Here he is holding the painting and there I am with the lovely Happy Birthday button that I wore that day.
If you know Logan he loves trains, monorails and anything that has to do with either. So when we got the opportunity to ride many times in the front of the Monorail with Logan he was in heaven. I do have to say that ridding in the front is very different than ridding in the back with everyone else.
In California Adventure, we found Lightning McQueen and Matter. Logan loved getting his picture with them.
Logan and Matter.
I think that every child that goes to toontown must know now is my time to drive a car. Lexi hopped from car to car getting behind the wheel.
Here is Lexi and Belle. We also got to see Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Wendy, Mickey , Minnie, Chip, dale, Daisy, Lilo, Stitch, Pluto, Aladdin and Goofy.
This picture tells it all. Lexi had a blast she got to get dressed up as Ariel in the Ariel wedding dress. She got to get a crown so she really felt like a princess and in the end it was lets ride on the good old carousel so that I can really feel like a princess in fantasyland.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


San Diego was great. We all had such a good time. The weather could not have been better. We enjoyed many things. We went on the air craftcarrier Midway. While on it Jared, Curt and Cole, Paige and I all rode on flight simulators. Jared did a really good job flying. Curt and Cole as one would expect from a form piolot and a man that owns his own jet business did a great job. Paige and I on the other hand such never be put behind the controls of a plane. we suck!!! I think we died atleast 5 times in three min. It was fun. We screamed and had a blast. and drew a big crowd.
Here is Logan and Jared in front of a jet on theMidway.
This is a picture of what the rooms looked like for the Navy guys that they get to sleep in. Very small and very humid. We spent a day at the beach. It was so fun. But I have got to say it was so cold. The wind did not stop blowing for one min. Although the wind blew non stop it was nice to have it be cool and enjoyable.
Piage and Lexi loved being together. Lexi was Paige's shadow.
Paige and Lexi
We loved Sea World. What a fun time. You can not help but to smile as you watch these great animals and their trainers interact.
Paige Modeling a very classy Shamu hat. LOL!
Lexi and Paige on the Manatee statue.
Shamu girl, she flies off to help make sure that everyone follows the advise of Shamu's trainers to believe in ones self.
There is something magical about these wonderful creatures. Lexi and Logan fell in love with them as soon as she saw Shamu.
That is a big mouth!!!!
Atlantis was a really fun ride at Sea world. Logan was a little nervous to ride it so he stood and watched. He got wet as he watched us come down the water slide.
This picture sums up our trip. SHAMU ROCKS!!!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers day

I wanted to make something for my mom this year for Mother's Day. My mom loves Disney pins and going to Disneyland. So I made this box. And mini album for her. The Mickey Mouse on the box is handmade by me.
Here are the reat of the pages. They are on the back. The picutres from this trip are from our trip last year to Disneyland.


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stash Challange

Ok here is yet another lo. This one was fun for me and my son loves it.

Here is the break down of the lo points.


5x7= 5

boy only picture= 15

stash= 10


blog= 5

brads= 5

chipboard= 6

tag= 1

hadwritten= 5

ink= 5

distressed= 5

buttons= 9

total ponts for lo= 111

total points for the challange= 1780

Stash Challange #4

Ok, Here is my idea for the button challange. the lo is titled "ALEXIS". As I was duing this lo. I thought that origanlly that I would make a layered chain of buttons across the chocolate strip of paper, but as a was making the page I decided that I liked it a little more plain. So the buttons are on the flower two of them that are layered and then there is a button on the I with a jewel sticker on it. So here is my point break down.
12x12= 20
female only = 15
stash= 10
scraps= 10
blog post= 5
use of x= 10
use of x in title=10
stamping= 30
mini challange= 100
total points=226
points for challange= 1669

Stash Challange mini #3

This is a lo that I have been wanting to do for a while but keep for getting around to it.
This is for the stash challange mini challange #3. The dark green paper is bleach with a big stamp several times.
Here is the point break down.
12x12= 20
5x7 picture= 5
all boys= 15
stash= 10
post to blog= 5
( used the stamp 5x6=30)
eyelets= 5
ribbion= 1
stickers= 7
metal= 1, ink= 5, distressing= 5, mini challange= 100
total points= 224
total points for the challange= 1444

Stash Challange

Ok these are cards that I made for Jared's and my anniversary. I also made a pin. I had made this pin before and loved it. So I made another one.

8 cards= 40

pin= 30

no photos=120

stash= 80

scraps= 80

post to blog=5

brads= 12

staples= 12

eylets= 2, ribbion= 17, stamping = 50, inking = 40, disstressing = 40, stickers= 25, use of gold = 5

total points= 558 points

total stash points 1220 points

Friday, March 23, 2007

7pm challange

Ok here is my veiw of using four different companies patterned paper. The main one is paper loft, chatter box, basic gray, cosmo cricket. This is my dh and his grandparents.

6 pm challange

"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting"
Ok here is the challange that said to use the song for the title. I think it turned out good.

STASH Challange/ 5pm challange

I started the virtual crop so late and I am so tired that I decided to keep working on the stash challange. The 5pm challange was a great kick of for me. I have not used sticker (stickers) in along time. So I decided that this would be a great idea to use my stash. What better to use on a stash lo then something that actually had gathered dust. So here is the point break down.
20 points 12x12, 5 - 5x7 10- male and female, 10 stash, 5 blog post, 30 use of x 32 stickers I still can not believe that I actually used these. LOL, 5 - ink, 5 hand journaling
total: 122 points Points so far 662

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thesaurus Mini Challenge #2

Ok sorry for the bad scan but here it is.
The Lo is titled : EXPERTS
The word that I looked up was Smart. I think it turned out cute.
Lo came to 231 points

Point break down
20 12x12 lo
5 5x7 picture
10 male and female picture
20 seven letter title
10 x in the title
10 stash
10 scraps
5 blog
10 x on page
1 flower
1 tag, 5 stamping, 5 hand journaling, 5 distressing, 2 chipboard, 5 ink, 2 ribbon, 5 gold, 100 for mini challenge
so points earned total is 540

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust!!!

I can not believe that I can say there are no more clipboards in my house to alter. YEAH!!!!!!!
I like how this one turned out. I am so glad that I am forcing myself to do the mini challanges.

Monday, March 12, 2007

My life as of today!!

Ok, For starters here is my clipboard titled "Cowgirl" This was a gift for my Mother-in-law for her birthday. The old fashioned picture is of her on a phony as a little girl dressed up as a cowgirl. My mother-in-law teaches piano so I thought that this would help her with keeping organized. The green square is for posted notes the flower in the bottom left corner is a clip so she can keep her check that students give her in one place. On the right corner is a little book that she can write numbers in. And the reason for the clipboard was to clip her calander to it. So she can keep track of dates and what not. So this was 112 points for the challange. Now I need to get towork and get another few things done. I think that she liked it. We will see as time passes if she uses it or not.

Well, as many of you know last week my car was hit by my neighbor across the street. Why many people want to know was my car in the street and not in the garage. That is answered very simple. we were getting our driveway and sidewalk redone. Anthem flippped the bill for that. It had been on the street for a week. It was Sunday night and on Monday we were going to be able to park the car on the driveway or in the garage. At 10:30 pm I have a knock at the door I answer it and there is a girl standing there all upset. She informs me that she moved in across the street and she has no insurance and no licence. So here is the car. I am trying to keep a sense of humor about this. Today we turned it in to get fixed and now are driving around in a rental car. So here is the damage.

As you can see the front passenger door got most of the love from the other car. Looking at my car it is like a picasso painting gone wrong. I am still not sure how anyone can hit a parked car. But where there is a will there is a way or i guess in this cases Murrphy's Laws hit full force. I took these in case I would need to recover my costs for getting the car fixed. And of course Lexi thought oh Mom is taking pictures of the car. Lets get a few of me. She was so funny wearing the overalls, tank top, hat , scarf and sunglasses not shown in the photo because how can anyone
she my pretty eyes mom was her reply,

When I asked her to keep them on for the photo.
She is just a little ham in front of the camera when I do not need her to be but when I need her to work with me that is when I throw in the towel. I have been trying to get a picture of Logan and Lexi that is cute together sense November when we took family pictures. I have not been able to. No added pressure that I need it or anything like that. This is the best one of them being sweet . It is what I will probable go with but it is not my favorite. The only way that I could get the kids to even think about sitting near each other and sort of smiling was to put

Tali in the picture with the kids. SOme man that was walking by stood behind me, and got Tali's attention so that I could focus on the kids with Jared's help a nice guy and me this was the best we could do.

So that is some of the Drama that is my so called life. Each day is definately a new adventure. Best wishes and Hugs to all.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ok I thought that you would like to know what is on my iPod right now. There are only 154 songs at this point.
I am going to tell you my top favorites this week!

Ok Go / "Here it Goes Again" ( Go to Utube to see the really cool video)
Michael Buble/ Feeling Good, Home, You Don't Know me, Save the Last Dance for me, Try a little tenderness (These songs help to get me to relax. If you have not listened to his music it is HOT!! He sounds like Frank Sinatra.)
Usher/ Yeah!
Vannessa Hudgens/ Come Back to Me
Justin Timberlake/ What Goes around, Sexy back, My Love
All American Rejects/ It Ends Tonight, Move Along, Dirty Little Secrets
Weird Al/ White and Nerdy ( if you have never seen the video you have go to go to utube. SO FUNNY!!!)

My life right now is filled with painting my house and taking care of my kids and others. I have also gotten the chance to go to the Arabian Horse show. If you enjoy watching horses and being near them if is the place for you. They have great shops, the costumes are wonderful and the horses are groomed to the hilt. They are a joy to watch. I love to go every year when it comes to Scottsdale. My home town.
Awhile ago I talked about my kids love for webkinz. I think now it is an obsession with them. LOL!!Lexi has 15 and Logan has 14.
I tried out again for the design team for Devine Memories ( ). Well, I can not believe it but I got on it again. I am very excited. The ladies are great and everyone of them. So fun to hang out with and all have great personalities. I can not wait to see what some of the new people are like and get to know them.
well until next time!!
Hugs and Kisses

Monday, February 05, 2007

Here is my little Karate Super Strong Kicker! He got first place in the tournament that he was in. He loved Karate. He thought that he was so cool walking away with a first, thrid and participation tropheies and three medals.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A little about me questionnair

I have always liked those get to know more about me questionnaires. Here is one that I saw on someones blog.

Aprons - Y/N? I have a lot. I love the old fashion ones that are more like a top then an apron. I can not tell you how many times I wipe my hands on my back to answer the phone and know there is crap on my back. Plus you have got to love the funny sayings and cute designs that you can find on them.

Baking - Favorite thing to bake: cookies, i love to make easy dishes. Anything that is created by Rachel Ray.

Clothesline - Y/N? No, but I do have a drying rack.

Donuts - Have you ever made them? I have made them. My sister in law makes the best homemade donut.

Every day - Cleaning cleaning and more cleaning. The kids and the toys the clothes Boy oh boy!!!

Freezer - Do you have a separate deep freeze? YES!!!! I love mine. I got it about a year ago. I can get things when they are really cheap and use them as I want.

Garbage Disposal - Y/N? Yes

Handbook - What is your favorite homemaking resource? I love anything Martha Stewart. I know that she can be a weirdo but think about she has some classy ideas!!

Ironing - Love it or Hate it? Hate it!! I did not mind it until I got married! I iron now what I need.

Junk Drawer - Y/N? No. I had one and could never find anything in it so I got rid of it.

Kitchen - Color and decorating scheme? It is a khaki color with rust and stuff

Love - What is your favorite part of homemaking? Spending time with my kids and being in control of the way the house is running.

Mop - Y/N? Yes, I need to. Currently lol.

Nylons - Wash by hand or in the washing machine? I do not wear them. LOL but I do use a wash bag if I need too.

Oven - Do you use the window or open the door to check? Open the door.

Pizza - What do you put on yours? I love everything on it but pineapple. I am allergic to it.

Quiet - What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? I read, look online and sit with my kids .

Recipe card box - Y/N? What does it look like? I don't have a box. I have a folder that I keep it in.

Style of house - What is the style of your house? I love pottery barn and am trying to go for that type of a look.

Tablecloths and napkins - Y/N? I have them only use them on special days;)

Under the kitchen sink - Organized or toxic wasteland? Organized.

Vacuum - How many times per week? I have to do it everyday in the family room and 2 times in the bedrooms.

Wash - How many loads of laundry do you do per week? average 1 a day probably

X's - Do you keep a list of things to do that you cross off? sometimes... when i have to get a great deal of things I want done .

Yard - Y/N? Who does what? I do everything even though I should not. I am allergic to the plants a weeds but husband is either to busy with work or to tired to work.

Zzz's - What is your last homemaking task before going to bed? I check the door to be sure that it is locked, check on the kids, and turn off the lights.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sorry that I have been away!

Sorry that I have been away for a while. I have been really busy with life. Which looking back is sad to say is just the normal way of life. You know the hum drum of life that not seen by the outside world. The bills the shopping, taking care of sick kids, teaching the 4-5 year olds at church. You have to love CTR kids. They are a blast. I miss them. I have been sick and have not been able to see Last Sunday.
Oh My, you know it is late at night when the Bible hour comes on after Jerry Springer. I love the tivo remote while looking up stuff online and got stuck with that. Now there is some weird old guy trying to preach the word of God but is creepy. What a contrast to the sweet young men that are serving in the church on Missions. ( HERE IS A SHOUT OUT TO CHASE!!!)
I think that the Smart Family is going to celebrate CHristmas all year this year. I can not seem to get ride of the decorations this year. The christmas village is still up. I got sick of looking at my bare fake tree in my house so I dragged it out into the garage right near the door so that Jared will know that I want it gone. I am tired of asking. Logan and his friend William laughed and Laughed. They thought it was so funny watching me stack christmas boxes and the tree out in the garage. I told better out there then in here. I think that now the tree is out of here I will be more likely to want to even try to take down the village.
So today is Wedensday. I get to see my therapist. I am finding more and more out about myself now that I am going to her. Looking at my life and who I am I can see that it is through constant chage within us, whether by growth spiritually, metaling or any means that we gain true happiness.
I am reading more and more than I ever have. Books that I would never have considered before I am reading to gain a better understanding about money. How it works for you and can also work against you if not handled properly.
I am working on scrapbook pages and an altered item for the store that I am/was a design team member for, Devine Memories They are having everyone try out again. I hope that they will like the pages that I have doen and the altered item that I have done. I love the altered item something way up my ally. It is a clock that I got on clearence at Target. ( you have got to love that place) I have loved working with the ladies there. I hope that I will be able to keep my position on the Design Team. If not then I guess I will just have to start looking again for a design team. But that will be sad.
Well, I have felt that. I am going to fix up my house. make it less cluttered. I got a book to help me with this. I am hoping that I can get help from my mom, and I think I might ask my sister Terry to come and help me. Although I am good about getting rid of things that I do not need. I have a tendence to want to keep things that just take up space because they have meaning to me. Let's see if Pottery Barn Home the book can help me with this task.
To family and friend far away I hope all is well!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe that another year has gone by. It seems like only yesturday that it was 1997 and now we are in 2007.

Well, I have finally gotten one. Lets see I have wanted an ipod for awhile now. Well, today was the day. I know it is only a 2 GB and that you can not watch video on it. But I like it just the same. I am hoping that this will help me to be motivated and go to the gym that is very nice out here in Anthem.

My New Years resolution is to get health. I want to beable to look and feel health. Ans if on the way to that I lose the weight then great.

I have heard that I can download books to this at the library so I am really excited to beable to enjoy the books that are out there.

I hope that you all have a wonderful new year and keep your resolutions. I will be trying to as well. Brit