Thursday, February 22, 2007


Ok I thought that you would like to know what is on my iPod right now. There are only 154 songs at this point.
I am going to tell you my top favorites this week!

Ok Go / "Here it Goes Again" ( Go to Utube to see the really cool video)
Michael Buble/ Feeling Good, Home, You Don't Know me, Save the Last Dance for me, Try a little tenderness (These songs help to get me to relax. If you have not listened to his music it is HOT!! He sounds like Frank Sinatra.)
Usher/ Yeah!
Vannessa Hudgens/ Come Back to Me
Justin Timberlake/ What Goes around, Sexy back, My Love
All American Rejects/ It Ends Tonight, Move Along, Dirty Little Secrets
Weird Al/ White and Nerdy ( if you have never seen the video you have go to go to utube. SO FUNNY!!!)

My life right now is filled with painting my house and taking care of my kids and others. I have also gotten the chance to go to the Arabian Horse show. If you enjoy watching horses and being near them if is the place for you. They have great shops, the costumes are wonderful and the horses are groomed to the hilt. They are a joy to watch. I love to go every year when it comes to Scottsdale. My home town.
Awhile ago I talked about my kids love for webkinz. I think now it is an obsession with them. LOL!!Lexi has 15 and Logan has 14.
I tried out again for the design team for Devine Memories ( ). Well, I can not believe it but I got on it again. I am very excited. The ladies are great and everyone of them. So fun to hang out with and all have great personalities. I can not wait to see what some of the new people are like and get to know them.
well until next time!!
Hugs and Kisses

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