Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Logan and Lexi are nuts about these small stuffed animals. You can get them at different toy stores. They cost about 7 to 10 dollars. Each stuffed animal comes with a code and that code helps you to adopt an animal. These stuffed animals a big out here in Anthem. On the website you can build you animals a home and buy them clothes and other things for them to play with. There are all kinds of gamesto play and this is how you get money to buy different things for your animals. The website is called webkinz and can be found at.

As you can see Lexi has very girly stuffed animals and Logan has very boyish looking ones. The names that the kids have come up with are a so cute. Logan's Monkey is Jack, his Tiger is James, his Lion is Little Man and his tree frog is Climber.

Lexi's Yorkie is Puff, her cat is Snuggles, her Unicorn is Pixie and her Poodle is Sunny. We laugh because she think that the Yorkie is a Poodle and is not quite sure why it looks different from the little poodle that she has.

Last night we went to a Squad Party for Jared's work. The kids had fun and everyone was really nice. It was fun being around members of Jared's work again. Not that the Ladies at communications were not nice. But his job was for police work. It is nice to see him doing what he loves doing again and interacting with others from his squad.

I can not believe that Christmas is almost here. It is scary to think that it is less than a week away. Jared says that he has one more gift to get me. And I still need to get stocking stuffers. But other than that I think I am ready for it to come.

Warm Wishes and HUgs


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Ok! So we put the lights on the house trimmed the tree, the stocking are hung. The Christmas cards have been sent out all, 35 of them. So what is left on my list of things to do before Christmas Eve. Get the Kids Pictures taken with Santa. I always try to beat the mad rush to see him as it gets closer to Christmas. So, Jared and I decided to make the day of it on his day off. We would walk around the outlet malls here in Anthem and then go to Santa's house for a shot with the Jolly Old man himself. As we entered the buliding Logan is trying to remember everything that he wanted. Although his list was short he wanted to make sure that the colors and names were right and where Santa might be able to get them if His elves were not able to make them to his exact specifications. Lexi on the other hand is singing a song about Santa and how he says HO HO HO! Everyone thought she was a sweet little angle. LOL!! As we got closer to Santa Lexi turns to Jared and says I need a list. So jared runs her to a little table to jot down the two things that she wants from Santa. As we get closer to it being our turn LExi decides that PIctures with Santa are not such a good idea. Santa was very sweet and talked to Logan as it got time for Lexi , the camera people were on their toes ready for the shot. AND BOY DID WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what is being said as this wonderful picture is taken Rolling his eyes he say she is always like this. Santa tells lexi "OH it is not so bad." Lexi just sits and frown at the lady with the rubber raindeer that she keeps squeezing hoping to get the winning smile. Who come to the rescue to her remove the frown Jared. Although the good picture Lexi is not frowing I do not think that you can call it a smile either. But Logan and Santa look cute.
So here is the good photo. I think that both were cute but when the Lady told me I got a free 5x7 of my choice I had to get the unhappy face one. The Following pictures are of the decorations that can be found in our home. THe tree is the main thing in our small home. I love to get and buy ornaments for the tree. At this rate I will need a Christmas tree grouping and just a Christmas Tree.
I think that one of my favorite things on the tree is my alarm system. One year Pottery Barn Kids had bell garland. I ran over the day ater christmas and bought enough to cover my tree. I also got 5 large grouping of bells that match the garland. Now when little hands are not where they should be the tree rings for it own safty.
I love Hansen porcilen figures. I have many in my home. But the one that I love to show off at christmas is the nativity.
I like things at are old looking or that are different from the norm. I love this little grouping of santas that I have. Each one different and fun to look at.
Well LIke I said before Happy Holidays!! Hopefully I will get to see each of you in person to give you a proper Christmas greeting. If not Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I can not believe that Charistmas is 22 days away!!!!!

My christmas cards are ready to go out in the mail. I am making cookies and wraping packages. I have a few more to buy which is normal for me. The tree is trimed the decorations are up and the outside lights are just about done.
I will post the picture of the house and what is going on.
sorry this is so short but I have a lot to do with Christmas only 22 days away. AHHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Photo touch ups!

I love to work on photos. It does not matter if they are mine or someone elses. So When my sister in law told me that her sister had a camera that was producing bad images I told her send me a few and lets see what I can do. Here are a few of the pictures that I touches up for her.

ORIGINALAs you can see there are lines that run all over the picture.

This has been touched up I was able to get ride of the lines and have worked on the coloring.


Like with the first one the lines were all over the picture!

This image is touched up. The lines are faded and the coloring has been worked on.
By the way this is on cute little girl. Knowing the parents I bet that she is an angel and a doll. I can not wait to see her in person.
Hugs Brit

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well, here is this years family photo. I think it turned out really cute. I actually think that everyone liked their pictures this year. The group photo turned out good with some minor touch ups. Looking at the photo is great. It is sad that Chase was not in it this year, but he is where he needs to be on a mission serving the people of the Ukraine.
This year I bought stolls so that we could sit. And we used them but in the group shot we used a bench that we moved. I was nice not being in the front for a change.
Here is what Greg's family photo looks like. I think that it turned out good. But then again I am the one that took the photos. LOL!!
Here is Terry's family. I got them to hold a frame. There was no picture in it. Plus the frame was pink. I altered it so that chase is in the frame and the frame is black!!
Here is the Princess!!! She was the one to give us fits this year. She wanted things her way. But then again what do you expect from a princess!!!
Here is my sweet little boy. He is doing great!!! I spoke with lots of doctors and read many books. In the end we decided to try medication. He is still Logan but with a twist. He can focus.
Here are my two little ones with Grandma. Well she is their favorites person. They love her to death.
Well, thanksgiving was great as usual. You have got to love going to a hotel and having a wonderful meal. Little America is a wonderful hotel. We love the place. This year was no different. We went shopping and enjoyed the sites that are found around Flagstaff. Once again I battled the early morning shoppers on Black Friday. I got some movies and toys for the kids and a gift for Jared that I dare not say for fear he might read this. I also got a book for me to read while we were up there. Boy was that a joke. Jared took one look at it and he decided to read it. The title of the book is Eragon.
We went to two movies while we were there. The first one was Happy Feet. That was a funny cartoon that Lexi would have enjoied if she had not fallen asleep in my arms durning the previews. But the rest of the kids enjoyed the movie. And boy were the graphic great. The lead character was so neat to watch. The next movie that we watch the movie Deck the Halls. I thought that it was a funny movie BUT I thought that Mathew Brodderick could have been a little less robotic. But other than that Danny Devito did a really good job as a the neighbor that would not stop putting up lights on his house.
While in Flagstaff, we decided to stay an extra night and enjoy the lighting of the hotel. It was a nice little thing not as crazy as last time we did it a few years ago. We did lose Logan for about ten min. He was trying to be a good helper and get all of us a table. I was filling cups with hot chocolate for the family and when I turned around he was gone. I thought that I could have died. He did not realize that he was lost until we were back together and he saw that I was upset. then he started to cry and tell me how much he loved me.
Now we are home and glad that the trip was a BLAST!!! But boy do I wish I was back in Flagstaff!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

I Love the Movies!!

I have always loved the movies!! Ever since I was a little girl. I love the way the room gets as black as night and it is cool and you can smell the popcorn always cooking out in the lobby. I use to go see lots and lots of movies in the theater. Now a days it is getting hard. With tow kids and the cost of tickets I have to be really picky about what I want to see. Today I took Logan and LExi to the movies. The movie that we saw was Flushed Away. And boy was it ever funny. They laughed and sat quietly!!! Which I really liked. It is definately worth going to see. I think that it is really good and anyone with or with out kids will like it. IF you want to go and check it out here is a like to the website: http:// I think that every family that goes and sees it will get swepted away in the cute storyline.
Hugs!!!!!!!!! Brit

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time Flies WHen Your Having Fun!!

Logan was Mr. Incredible and Lexi was Minnie Mouse. They were both so cute. I can not believe that we got costumes that look cute together although they do not go together. Logan was not liking the mask that he had to wear so he ended up with no mask in the end, but he did look really cute. Lexi wanted to be Ariel originally, but she could not walk in the dress. I think next year the costume will be made better and she can be Ariel then if she wants. I made the ears and the shoes because the Disney store was sold out in her shoe size and there were no ears here in the valley of the sun.
Here is a close up of Logan. You have got to love the cheesy grin. It makes me laugh all the time!
Here is Lexi in her costume. If I saw so myself I think that her shoes turned out GREAT!!!
Logan thought he looked so good. It was funny.
Here is my little Minnie Mouse. She did not want her picture taken but I think it is still cute!

I can not believe that Logan is in the First Grade. His teacher's name is Mrs. Hackash. He loves her. Soccer has started I can not believe that I have now becaome an offical Soccer MOM!!! LOL!!!
These are the pictures that we kept from Lexi's Photo shoot. I can not believe how big she has gotten. She is such a big girl. She did not like what she was wearing but I think she looked cute. I still can not believe that she is three years old.
The two pictures below are the pictures that we decided not to keep. the two above were much cutier we thought!!
Well Hugs to All

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lexi's Birthday Party

This was the first year that although it seems like we did a lot for Lexi it really was a small little get together. Lexi and her cousin meet up and went to build a bear together. Lexi picked out about five different friends to take home and then ended up with a with rabbit. Jessah is Lexi's cousin, they are best friends, she picked out a purple bear that was very cute. In the end the girls picked out matching outfits for their new friends. They each got a got to bring their friends home with her. The following are the pictures from there fun day.
Lexi was so excited to choose a new friend she was jumping up and down with excitement.

Lexi just loves Build a Bear. She waves at the camera as her Bunny gets filled!

Jessah is getting her bear filled with fluffy until it is huggably soft and fun to play with!

Now that the Bear and Bunny is made we have to clean them up and fluff the fur!! Brushing the fur makes them look so pretty.
You have got to love two little girls that have fun together!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A day in our life!

Lately I have been busy with kids and life in general. I have found somethings that I love. Rachel Ray is a great cook she is on the food network and has her own magazine . Her food is YUM-O!! Next I have fallen in love with these clips called giddy giddy, They are felt and work great in little girls hair. Still love Nikon cameras Oliva the pig is great!!! Still the funniest children books out there. Totally want a digital one. Lexi is loving American girl stuff. She has Coconut and loves to dress the little dog up and carry her everywhere.
Logan is doing karate and Lexi is dancing. They are really cute and love doing it.

Just a photo update!

Our Little Dancer!!

"I hate Rocks! I hate trees! I want to go shoping!", is what Lexi kept telling us as we walked down to the lake. Once we we were there she was climbing all over the place.

Look at these innocent faces. You would never think that they would cause you to spend hours getting a toothbrush out of the toilet.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family will always be in Disneyland

Back when everyone was all excited about what the 50th at Disneyland was going to be like I got an email asking if I would like to submit pictures to be added to photo mosaics that would be placed in the park. So I uploaded some pictures and did not hear back from Disneyland. We went to Disneyland just before the actual 50th took place. thought wow would that not have been neat to have seen us in those photo mosaics. Then as we were getting ready to go back a year later. just before the 50th ended. I got an email telling me that two of my pictures were chosen and were in to photo mosaics. So off with my camera we went and I tracked down our little family in Stitch by Space Mountain.
The picture was said to be near his hand on te left of the mosaic and by the bottom. So we all stood there and looked. And Looked. can you see it yet. it is near stitches finger.

This is the picture that they used. It was the one of all of the grandkids and Minnie Mouse at Goofy's Kitchen a few years earlier.

After finding the one in Disneyland I knew that the other photo mosaic was in California Adventure. The mosaic was of Chicken Little. Great Movie. So we looked and Looked and Looked. Then we found it over by the Muppets 3D show.
The letter said that we were near the stop sign at the top. Well Chicken little is over a bench. So there I stood with my camera and this is what I found. Do you see us? this one is harder.

Well here is a close up of what we saw. Once again the same picture was used all the kid with Minnie at the Goofy's Kitchen. I think that it is so neat that the kids have that to share with their family some day.
Well, there is our clam to fame. The kids are forever in Disneyland, 24/7. Smiling at everyone that passes by them. They are part of true Disney Magic. And that is priceless!
Hugs and Kisses

How funy life is!!

I was talking to my mother in law and she told me of this doll that she had it is like 20 years old never been out of the box and some Budweiser mugs that are really old too. Thought she would sell them on eBay. They are worth nothing yet. We have Lego's and other things that are worth a great deal. It is funny how we place a value on things that we like and do not like.

I can not believe that Halloween is coming up. So excited for that. The costumes have been bought. And am getting ready to decorate the house for the spooky fun. Logan can not wait to be Mr. Incredible and Lexi is going to be Minnie Mouse.
I still can not believe how big they are getting. I even ran out and got fun patterns for the kids to use when we carve the pumpkins. It should be a blast. We are going to have a Hansen Party. And will carve pumpkins and play find the money in the straw and have dinner. Then the smarts will also be having a carving thing on Sunday before Halloween. I do not know about you but it feels like once Aug. is over that Christmas is right there staring me in the face. Lots to do with Lexi turning three in November and then it is Thanksgiving and BAM!! it is Christmas!
Hugs to ALL

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You meet the nicest people in the funniest places!!

One of my favorite places to go and visit is Disneyland. So it is only natural that I would want to collect things that related to Walt Disney and the Disney company. I love disney pins. Collect many of them. I love the movies that have been put out by them. The games and websites put out by disney. So you are probable asking yourself, What does this have to do with making friends. I have meet some of the nicest people while on these websites. Their friendship is fun and up beat and keeps a smile on my face. Plus honestly who does not feel like a kid when they go to Disneyland.
To all my Disneyland friends HOLA!!!
Hugs and Kisses