Friday, August 31, 2007

Smart Look-alike Meter

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Pulling the Hair out!!!

So, school has started for Logan. He loves it. He thinks that his teacher is just the best. Not only is she nice, she is cute too. Logan thinks that this is what makes a great teacher. Well, if that all there is to being a god teacher Why is it again that I went to school for four years to get a degree in education.
But really I am glad that he is learning and enjoying himself a great deal. He is a little spit fire though. He knows what he wants and likes and what he does not want and does not like. This quality can be pressing at times. Like when we want to go to a friends house and we are not going because this mom can not seem to get a hold of the other parent. Logan can not understand why I can not just sit next to the phone and call and call and call and call until they answer their phone. Or why when it is 10:30pm why I do not feel like making him a big dinner again after we had a nice dinner at 6:00pm.
But he puts the fun and unexpected into my life. He has lost both of his front teeth. He looks so cute. I want to take a picture of it but he will not let me by telling me that I need to stop bragging that he lost his teeth. Which I have to laugh at.
Now Lexi. ( *Closes eyes and shakes head with a sigh* ) That girl is just like Logan. She can not wait to start Preschool. Her school starts on the 10Th and she thinks that is just the neatest thing. I have heard nothing but about all the friends that she is going to meet and that Logan is not allowed to play with them. Because boys are gross and that is just the way that it is. So, Lexi has been trying to grow her hair long. While in Disneyland she told me that she wanted it to touch the ground and that she wanted to be black and not the light blond that she is now. I told her I thought the length was a little long but it was her hair as for if it would be black I did not think that was possible. She frowned but seemed to accept what I told her. So what she did three days ago shocked the pants off of me.
I have been sick. I had a fever, stuffy nose and sore throat. The kids were good the first day. they messed up the house but were good. The second day which was Sunday was not as good. It went from bad to worse in a matter of 20 min. I had just gone out to get another drink to help with how dry my throat was feeling. The kids decided that they thought that it would be funny to let the fridge water clean the kitchen floor so they let it run until the the floor was so wet that when I step int he kitchen I almost fell on my butt. I know that I yelled something like, clean the floor up and here are some towels. And thanks for using all the cold water. I went and laid back down deciding that I would wait for cold water and that I need to lay down after the rant that I had had in the kitchen. After 20min. I could not wait any longer I needed a drink. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the floor was wet. but not only that there was something weird all over the floor. As a gripped the edge of the counter to take a closer look I realized that I was looking a strands of light blond hair. I screamed " ALEXIS JEAN SMART, you better get out here NOW!!!" Out she bounces with scissors in hand and her hair looking less than fabulous. I lost it. I will admit it. I was tired, sick and was not up for this. I could not help it. I sat on the floor and cried. No a better word for what I did was freak out. That is what I did I freaked out. Her hair went from shoulder length to two inches long on one side of her head. She did not cut her bangs, and she did not cut her right side of her head. I could not look at her she looked like a Pablo Picasso painting gone wrong. I put her in her room and called a place to see if I could get the hair fixed. I called a place called LollyLocks. Zoe was going to fix her hair. On the phone they told me not to worry they had seen it all.
Jared and I took Lexi to LollyLocks on Monday. When we got their Zoe says, "It's not that....... OH!" From the front it did not look as bad as it really was. from behind it looked bad. She turned to me and asked what I wanted her to do. I smiled and said Fix it but make her look like a cute girl, with a cute cut. She then looked at Lexi and asked what she wanted. Lexi asked for Long Hair. With that She realized that there was no long hair for awhile. Zoe did a great job. Lexi looks cute. I still like the long hair on her better. But she does look cute.
So, with that If this is what the beginning of the school year is going to be like I am not looking forward to the rest of the year. But who am I kidding anyway. It has to get better. I hope everyone is doing well.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mr Brightside

This is my all time favorite song right now. It is a great song o listen to as you work out.