Thursday, September 14, 2006

Family will always be in Disneyland

Back when everyone was all excited about what the 50th at Disneyland was going to be like I got an email asking if I would like to submit pictures to be added to photo mosaics that would be placed in the park. So I uploaded some pictures and did not hear back from Disneyland. We went to Disneyland just before the actual 50th took place. thought wow would that not have been neat to have seen us in those photo mosaics. Then as we were getting ready to go back a year later. just before the 50th ended. I got an email telling me that two of my pictures were chosen and were in to photo mosaics. So off with my camera we went and I tracked down our little family in Stitch by Space Mountain.
The picture was said to be near his hand on te left of the mosaic and by the bottom. So we all stood there and looked. And Looked. can you see it yet. it is near stitches finger.

This is the picture that they used. It was the one of all of the grandkids and Minnie Mouse at Goofy's Kitchen a few years earlier.

After finding the one in Disneyland I knew that the other photo mosaic was in California Adventure. The mosaic was of Chicken Little. Great Movie. So we looked and Looked and Looked. Then we found it over by the Muppets 3D show.
The letter said that we were near the stop sign at the top. Well Chicken little is over a bench. So there I stood with my camera and this is what I found. Do you see us? this one is harder.

Well here is a close up of what we saw. Once again the same picture was used all the kid with Minnie at the Goofy's Kitchen. I think that it is so neat that the kids have that to share with their family some day.
Well, there is our clam to fame. The kids are forever in Disneyland, 24/7. Smiling at everyone that passes by them. They are part of true Disney Magic. And that is priceless!
Hugs and Kisses

How funy life is!!

I was talking to my mother in law and she told me of this doll that she had it is like 20 years old never been out of the box and some Budweiser mugs that are really old too. Thought she would sell them on eBay. They are worth nothing yet. We have Lego's and other things that are worth a great deal. It is funny how we place a value on things that we like and do not like.

I can not believe that Halloween is coming up. So excited for that. The costumes have been bought. And am getting ready to decorate the house for the spooky fun. Logan can not wait to be Mr. Incredible and Lexi is going to be Minnie Mouse.
I still can not believe how big they are getting. I even ran out and got fun patterns for the kids to use when we carve the pumpkins. It should be a blast. We are going to have a Hansen Party. And will carve pumpkins and play find the money in the straw and have dinner. Then the smarts will also be having a carving thing on Sunday before Halloween. I do not know about you but it feels like once Aug. is over that Christmas is right there staring me in the face. Lots to do with Lexi turning three in November and then it is Thanksgiving and BAM!! it is Christmas!
Hugs to ALL

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You meet the nicest people in the funniest places!!

One of my favorite places to go and visit is Disneyland. So it is only natural that I would want to collect things that related to Walt Disney and the Disney company. I love disney pins. Collect many of them. I love the movies that have been put out by them. The games and websites put out by disney. So you are probable asking yourself, What does this have to do with making friends. I have meet some of the nicest people while on these websites. Their friendship is fun and up beat and keeps a smile on my face. Plus honestly who does not feel like a kid when they go to Disneyland.
To all my Disneyland friends HOLA!!!
Hugs and Kisses

Friday, September 08, 2006

More layouts and more life on the plate!

I still can not believe that Logan is in first grade he was so excited to go. Now that school is getting into our daily life Logan got a 100% on his first spelling test. He is making lots of new friends and loves his teacher.
Lexi misses her brother and has a hard time when the bus takes him to school. She is my shopping buddy, errand running buddy, house cleaning and tv buddy. Although she hates to see him go and loves to see him come home the two of them can sure still fight.
To help pass time and to wear my kids out. Jared and I have put them into some classes. Lexi is now in dance class we will see if she likes it. I think mom is learning more about tap and jazz then she is. Logan is taking Karate with a friend of his from school last year. He will also be taking soccer and will start soon.
I completed two more los for the store that i create los for.
Jared is back on the streets and all of the officers are buzzing about the guy that they caught. The hope is this guy will be the Baseline rapist/ killer. He loves his squad and is the senior officer on it.
Hope all is well!
Hugs and kisses