Friday, February 08, 2008

It is Now 9pm!!!!!!

Everyone Needs a Little Bling Sometimes!

I love to add Bling to my los. I like to see how it sparkles when the light hits it. I have never added bling to ghost letters before or to metal accents . So this time i decided to try.

**The Challange**

***For this challange add some Bling to your lo.***

*****As a bonus add bling to more than one area. *****

The Time is Now 8pm!!!!

Too Many Pictures not enough Space!!

For this challange you are to make folding frames. In doing this you will beable to put more photos on one page. to get instruction go to this link:,2025,DIY_13776_3863966,00.html

***Challange To make a Lo using the folding frame technique. ***

**As a Bonus make two frame instead of one. *****

Here is how mine turned out.

Page un opened

Bottom frame opening.

Completely opened up.

Unopened frames.

Top frame opening up.

Completely opened up.

The Time is Now 7pm!!!!


For this challange You are to use numbers in your title.

I have seen this done in many lo's and always thought that it helped to make the title of the page *POP*.

***So use numbers in your Title***

***As a bonus use different types of chipboard of stickers to create your title.***

Virtual Challenge 6pm

For this challenge you are to use paper that you would other wise never use and do something with it. So in the end you make a lo that you can truely say you enjoy.
For me it was the water paper. I took a fancy pants pollen dust stamp that was a swirl and stamped in back then white to give a double stamp effect. by doing this it helped give the realistic water paper a new look. To top it off I decided to try to add stickers that I also hated. My daughter loved these stickers so I got them. Thought that I would never use them and found that it worked. I wrote out the word Shamu in glue then added glitter to it. I think it helped. It made for a fun page.
****So there is your challenge.*****
*Use paper that you do not like and create something that in the end you can enjoy.
****As a bonus try to add stickers that you do not like as well****

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Ok, so I got an email today from my dad. And this is what I saw I had to share. It was to funny for words. It totally turned my day around. I hope that this cheers up your day as it did mine.