Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Belong....

Logan was baptized today. I was so proud of him. Chase spoke on Baptism and did a wonderful job. He gave an example of a paper boy and that before the boy was baptized the boy was able to be tempted and so he could get burned by the flame or temptation in this case. after the boy was baptized he was new again and was not easily tempted so the flame did not harm him. The kids loved watching him talk about it. Terry spoke about the conformation and her talk was sweet and the kids loved it. She had a beautiful wrapped boxed with different things in it to give to Logan. the Kids all squealed when the walkie talkie spoke back to Logan. Jared baptized and confermed Logan. He was all smiles. It was wonderful to see him follow the teaching of the church . This was a special day to me. I could not help but think back to my baptisim and smile. I am sure that Lexi's will be just as nice and hers will be in just three years. That is a scary thought.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Week that is FULL!

I can not wait for Thursday. Logan is going to be baptized on Thursday. I am so excited for him. What a neat treat. I remember getting baptized and how neat I thought it was. When I have some pictures I will post them of that. Jared is going to be baptizing Logan and Jennifer and McKenzie are going to be singing. Chase and Terry are going to give talks. I think it will be so nice for Logan plus how many kids get so say that they were baptized on Pioneer Day.
Then on Friday I will start chemo. So, only time will tell how that works out. But I do know that my last day of it will be on Halloween. So, that is cool to think about. Plus, that means I should be all done by the first of the year which is what I am looking forward to. What is it that people say, a new year a new start? Well, I am excited for that. I now know that the trials that we receive while we are here on the earth are not only given to us to help us to grown as a person but can prepare us for new obstacles that might come our way.
Anyway hugs to all of you.

Friday, July 18, 2008

New Doctor News

Yesterday, Jared and I went to go see the doctors to decided what was the best course of action to take. We had already had our minds made up about what we were going to do. And then after talk with the wonderful doctors there we have decided to do chemo first, then we will be doing genetic testing while I am doing that for the next 16 weeks, and then we will do surgery.
We feel really good about the decision.
After being at the Mayo for about 3 hours we went to go have a birthday party with the family. It was a blast. we went to sweet tomatoes and the went bowling.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

How everything can change with one word.

On July the 7th I went in for my yearly exam with my doctor. After the exam was over. the doctor started to tell me that she was going to do a breast exam on me. Something that I try to do once a month or once every other month. About half way the doctor looks at me and asks if I knew I had a lump on my left breast. I honestly did not know what to say to her.
From there it was a mad search trying to find out if I could get into to get a mammogram. Something I thought I would not have to endure until I was at least 40. But there I was the next day July the 8th. I was standing in front of the machine and then place in an ultrasound room from there and then back into another room where they then did a Biopsy of my left breast. After about two days of no sleep and worry. I got a call telling my that I had Infiltrating ductile cancer Grade 3.
All I could think was WOW!!!!
For that word caner could change my life so fast.
So Here I am at the beginning of my journey. Scared but optimistic. I feel calm that the outcome will be good. But scared out of my mind, like the guy in the scream painting.
I will trying to keep everyone posted.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fun time in San Diego!!!!

After driving for six hours. We arrived in San Diego. After checking into the hotel we took the kids swimming in the pool and then got ready for Dinner. We decided to eat in Old Town San Diego. Greg, Jennifer, Tyler, Blake and Carter met us there. We ate a neat Mexican restaurant.
Here is Kent, Barbara, and Margret. They were hanging out while we waited for a table.

After dinner we walked around the shops near the restaurant. Tyler found a Nacho Libre mask. He had to get it. It was so funny to see him posing as Nacho.

Our first full day in San Diego was spent in Sea World. Everyone was enjoying the time that we spent there. There was a new area and it was the Sesame Street area and movie. Lexi thought that area was great.

She loved that area almost as much as she loves the two different Shamu shows.

We all enjoyed the the Dolphin show.

The rides at Sea World are fun. Jared and Madison and Maggie rode on all the rides. and Enjoyed getting wet.

Here is Jared, Maggie and Madison on the Journey to Atlantis ride. The girls loved it and they got really wet.

Lexi loved every stuffed animal that she saw. Even the Penguins. She wanted to hug every stuffed animal that she saw.

Here are Logan and Lexi in front of the Penguin enclosure.

The kids loved the star fish. they thought it was so neat to hold them. I think that we went to the enclosure about four times while we were there. The next day we went to Legoland and the kids thought it was neat to see everything built with Legos.

Here is Jared and his Officer Lego twin.

Logan wanted to get his picture taken with the Bionicle statue. He thought they were really neat.
This ride was like a really fast merry go round on water. Jared and Maggie rode together. As you can see Jared was having a blast.

Lexi and Madison rode together. Lexi though the ride was neat.

As we were walking around Logan found a Thomas the Tank Engine statue. We had to get a picture of it.

Here is Maggie, Madison, Lexi and Jared on the Beetle Bounce. Lexi was so sure that she wanted to go on this ride. I asked her about four times if she was sure that she wanted to do it. As I took this picture I asked her one last time was she sure. She said yes.

As you can see she did not like the ride very much. In fact I would say she hated it.

Chase came HOME!!!!!

Logan, Lexi, Paige and Cole made signs as we waited for Chase to get off of the plane. The could not wait to see him.

Here they are waiting for him to get off the plane.
Here is Chase and Logan. Logan and lexi were so exctied to see him. Lexi kept looking at him to make sure that he was really there and was not going to get back on a plane.

We all were glad to see Chase. He is just a sweet and happy as he was before his mission and now he can say he servied his mission and Returned with Honor.