Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stash Challange

Ok here is yet another lo. This one was fun for me and my son loves it.

Here is the break down of the lo points.


5x7= 5

boy only picture= 15

stash= 10


blog= 5

brads= 5

chipboard= 6

tag= 1

hadwritten= 5

ink= 5

distressed= 5

buttons= 9

total ponts for lo= 111

total points for the challange= 1780

Stash Challange #4

Ok, Here is my idea for the button challange. the lo is titled "ALEXIS". As I was duing this lo. I thought that origanlly that I would make a layered chain of buttons across the chocolate strip of paper, but as a was making the page I decided that I liked it a little more plain. So the buttons are on the flower two of them that are layered and then there is a button on the I with a jewel sticker on it. So here is my point break down.
12x12= 20
female only = 15
stash= 10
scraps= 10
blog post= 5
use of x= 10
use of x in title=10
stamping= 30
mini challange= 100
total points=226
points for challange= 1669

Stash Challange mini #3

This is a lo that I have been wanting to do for a while but keep for getting around to it.
This is for the stash challange mini challange #3. The dark green paper is bleach with a big stamp several times.
Here is the point break down.
12x12= 20
5x7 picture= 5
all boys= 15
stash= 10
post to blog= 5
( used the stamp 5x6=30)
eyelets= 5
ribbion= 1
stickers= 7
metal= 1, ink= 5, distressing= 5, mini challange= 100
total points= 224
total points for the challange= 1444

Stash Challange

Ok these are cards that I made for Jared's and my anniversary. I also made a pin. I had made this pin before and loved it. So I made another one.

8 cards= 40

pin= 30

no photos=120

stash= 80

scraps= 80

post to blog=5

brads= 12

staples= 12

eylets= 2, ribbion= 17, stamping = 50, inking = 40, disstressing = 40, stickers= 25, use of gold = 5

total points= 558 points

total stash points 1220 points