Sunday, April 01, 2007

Stash Challange #4

Ok, Here is my idea for the button challange. the lo is titled "ALEXIS". As I was duing this lo. I thought that origanlly that I would make a layered chain of buttons across the chocolate strip of paper, but as a was making the page I decided that I liked it a little more plain. So the buttons are on the flower two of them that are layered and then there is a button on the I with a jewel sticker on it. So here is my point break down.
12x12= 20
female only = 15
stash= 10
scraps= 10
blog post= 5
use of x= 10
use of x in title=10
stamping= 30
mini challange= 100
total points=226
points for challange= 1669

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