Monday, March 12, 2007

My life as of today!!

Ok, For starters here is my clipboard titled "Cowgirl" This was a gift for my Mother-in-law for her birthday. The old fashioned picture is of her on a phony as a little girl dressed up as a cowgirl. My mother-in-law teaches piano so I thought that this would help her with keeping organized. The green square is for posted notes the flower in the bottom left corner is a clip so she can keep her check that students give her in one place. On the right corner is a little book that she can write numbers in. And the reason for the clipboard was to clip her calander to it. So she can keep track of dates and what not. So this was 112 points for the challange. Now I need to get towork and get another few things done. I think that she liked it. We will see as time passes if she uses it or not.

Well, as many of you know last week my car was hit by my neighbor across the street. Why many people want to know was my car in the street and not in the garage. That is answered very simple. we were getting our driveway and sidewalk redone. Anthem flippped the bill for that. It had been on the street for a week. It was Sunday night and on Monday we were going to be able to park the car on the driveway or in the garage. At 10:30 pm I have a knock at the door I answer it and there is a girl standing there all upset. She informs me that she moved in across the street and she has no insurance and no licence. So here is the car. I am trying to keep a sense of humor about this. Today we turned it in to get fixed and now are driving around in a rental car. So here is the damage.

As you can see the front passenger door got most of the love from the other car. Looking at my car it is like a picasso painting gone wrong. I am still not sure how anyone can hit a parked car. But where there is a will there is a way or i guess in this cases Murrphy's Laws hit full force. I took these in case I would need to recover my costs for getting the car fixed. And of course Lexi thought oh Mom is taking pictures of the car. Lets get a few of me. She was so funny wearing the overalls, tank top, hat , scarf and sunglasses not shown in the photo because how can anyone
she my pretty eyes mom was her reply,

When I asked her to keep them on for the photo.
She is just a little ham in front of the camera when I do not need her to be but when I need her to work with me that is when I throw in the towel. I have been trying to get a picture of Logan and Lexi that is cute together sense November when we took family pictures. I have not been able to. No added pressure that I need it or anything like that. This is the best one of them being sweet . It is what I will probable go with but it is not my favorite. The only way that I could get the kids to even think about sitting near each other and sort of smiling was to put

Tali in the picture with the kids. SOme man that was walking by stood behind me, and got Tali's attention so that I could focus on the kids with Jared's help a nice guy and me this was the best we could do.

So that is some of the Drama that is my so called life. Each day is definately a new adventure. Best wishes and Hugs to all.

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