Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lexi's Birthday Party

This was the first year that although it seems like we did a lot for Lexi it really was a small little get together. Lexi and her cousin meet up and went to build a bear together. Lexi picked out about five different friends to take home and then ended up with a with rabbit. Jessah is Lexi's cousin, they are best friends, she picked out a purple bear that was very cute. In the end the girls picked out matching outfits for their new friends. They each got a got to bring their friends home with her. The following are the pictures from there fun day.
Lexi was so excited to choose a new friend she was jumping up and down with excitement.

Lexi just loves Build a Bear. She waves at the camera as her Bunny gets filled!

Jessah is getting her bear filled with fluffy until it is huggably soft and fun to play with!

Now that the Bear and Bunny is made we have to clean them up and fluff the fur!! Brushing the fur makes them look so pretty.
You have got to love two little girls that have fun together!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A day in our life!

Lately I have been busy with kids and life in general. I have found somethings that I love. Rachel Ray is a great cook she is on the food network and has her own magazine http://www.rachaelraymag.com/ . Her food is YUM-O!! Next I have fallen in love with these clips called giddy giddy, http://giddygiddy.com/. They are felt and work great in little girls hair. Still love Nikon cameras http://nikon.com/. Oliva the pig is great!!! Still the funniest children books out there. Totally want a digital one. Lexi is loving American girl stuff. She has Coconut and loves to dress the little dog up and carry her everywhere.
Logan is doing karate and Lexi is dancing. They are really cute and love doing it.

Just a photo update!

Our Little Dancer!!

"I hate Rocks! I hate trees! I want to go shoping!", is what Lexi kept telling us as we walked down to the lake. Once we we were there she was climbing all over the place.

Look at these innocent faces. You would never think that they would cause you to spend hours getting a toothbrush out of the toilet.