Sunday, August 01, 2010

lake fun

Terry and Curt have a boat at Lake Bartlett. They ask us to come out on the boat to ride every once an awhile. This trip took place for Logan's birthday. Logan loves to ride on the boat. He loves to jump in the water and swim in the lake he is just not big on riding the rafts or trying to wake board. Here are some of the pictures that I took while we were out on the lake.

Here is Chase wake boarding. He is really good at it. He can jump the wake completely and do flips. The kids love to cheer him on.Jennifer and Blake hanging out on the boat as we are heading off to the next great spot to swim. Lexi loves everything about the lake. She loves to get on the raft and stand up waving her arms. She loves to go fast. She has also been on the knee board. She enjoys that a lot.But the thing that my kids love the most about being on the boat is just getting to spend time with their cousins.

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