Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Girls vs. Boys

On my birthday, we left Disneyland to come home. But before we did we had arranged to split up. The girls would go and do something very girly while the boys did boy stuff.
The men dropped Lexi, my Mom and me off in front of the American Girl store.
Lexi thought that she had died and gone to Heaven. I have never seen a doll store like this. Before we left for California I knew that we were going to make this stop so I made lunch reservations and made sure that we brought Sophia with us to California. Here is Lexi with Sophia in front of the store itching to go in and look around. As soon as we walked in to the store we had to head up stairs to the restaurant for lunch. At the cafe they have little chairs so that your doll can sit next to you and they give each girl a hair tie that is wrapped around their napkins. While we eat there is a little china setting for your doll to pretend she is eating with you. At the table al little table conversation starters, Lexi had fun reading the questions to us and waiting to hear what we thought. When you get in the restaurant they as you what you would like to drink. They they bring you these wonderful bite sized sticky buns. After your drinks arrive they bring you some vegetables and little doll sized rolls to eat while you wait for your food. The food there is very good. For desert they bring you a cookie, a piece of cake and a chocolate moose flower pt for each of you. All in all the cafe was a neat little treat. After that we took Lexi to the Photo area where we had her picture taken and placed on an American Girl magazine. She thought that this was very neat.
Every where you look as you wonder around are doll displayed and in the clothes that they can wear and things for the dolls to hold. Lexi had a very hard time figuring out what she really wanted.Lanie is the doll of the Year. Lexi thinks that she is very neat. WHen she saw that you could get you picture taken at this spot she was very excited to have hers taken.With so much to see and look at Lexi had a blast. It was fun to share that time with her as she went from room to room. She looked at dolls and clothes and the hair styles you can do to them. For a store I had to say I was very impressed.

The Boys went to the LaBrea Tar pit while we were at the American Girl store. The two places are only a few blocks apart.
Jared, Logan and my Dad looked at the Tar and Dinosaur bones that were all over the park. Her they are in front of some of the bones that were found in the tar pits in LA. Logan liked looking at the exhibits and the different types of creatures that roamed the earth a long time ago. Logan told me he thought it was so much fun spending guy time. There were no girls wanting to shop which he loved. Here he is trying to pretend that he was scared by the saber tooth tiger. He was impressed that it was big and had very big teeth. All over the park were pits with tar. Logan thought that it was neat that as they walked in the park they almost stepped in tar a couple of times. After they were done with the tar pits they headed over to the Farmers Market where they had lunch and we met up with them to talk about our day. When they were done we started to head for home.
The kids had a great time at Disneyland and doing their own things. But we were all glad to be home though when we finally saw it around 10:30 that night.

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