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So, our trip to the Disneyland Resort lasted five days. This was a magical trip from start to finish. I guess I do not have to question then why between myself who took a little over 500 hundred pictures, the Photo pass people that took 75 and my Dad that took an additional 200, that we ended up with around 800 pictures. We got to the park on Sunday in the early afternoon, checked into the Paradise Pier hotel which we love to stay at. From there our Disneyland trip started up. Between shopping, shows, rides and a chance to chat with family the trip we fun and ended lasting the perfect amount of time. Here is just a sampling of the pictures that we took while at the park.
One of the days that we were at the park we decided to go to see the new show that is called the World of Color. I highly recommend it to anyone that is going to the park. I would also recommend buying the picnic lunch that you buy online. they give you a reusable bag, a full meal, plus a drink and for the kids they give them a light up wristband. With this meal you get to have passes to see the show, without standing in line for the fast passes. The meal was not great but well worth not standing inline for tickets for the show. We saw lots of characters while we were at the park. My favorite this year had to be Bert and Mary Poppins. While on this trip I was celebrating my Birthday. While in Disneyland I got a priceless treasure that as we speak is getting framed right now. Bert and Mary Poppins took Logan, Lexi and I for a ride on the Carousal in Fantasyland. We fluffed our hair and cleaned our clothes and waved at the people that Watched. Lexi thought this was wonderful. Just before we got on the ride Bert gave me a wonderful birthday present. A drawing of Mary Poppins, both he and Mary Poppins signed it.Personal, I think he did a wonderful job capturing Mary Poppins likeness. The Message that he wrote was, "Thank You for Our lovely Jolly Holiday on the Carousel! Love Mary Poppins and Bert"Logan's favorite things in the world are trains. Something that he and Walt Disney have in common. Every time we go to Disneyland Logan tries to get a ride in the engine with the train drivers. Here he is with the two men. They were both very sweet to him and told him lots of fun facts about the train. I am sure that Logan will want to come and work at Disneyland so he can drive the train.Both Lexi and Grandma loved going in to all of the shops. It did not matter what the store was both of them wanted to see what the next stores treasures held. Lexi loved trying on all of the different hats. She thought that the Dale hat was very funny. Grandma on the other hand really liked the Mad Hatter hat with hair included. I think that the hat looks great and every time I see this I get a good laugh out of the picture.Logan and Alexis might fight a great deal but they do love each other. When we were over at California Adventure I was able to get this cute shot of them. One of the many shows that we saw was the Jedi training. Logan got to be part of that show. He thought it was very neat to learn all the different moves. Then at the end Darth Vader and Darth Mal came out and fought with the kids. Here is Logan battling Darth Mal. At the end he got a certificate saying that he is now a Jedi knight. He thought that was very cool. Before we left he had to get a light saber so he could keep practicing his moves.Here is a shot of all six of us. We had just ridden the Toy Story Mania ride and the kids had won lots of prizes at the Midway Game Gallery. The kids had a blast.
While Logan was riding the train. I took Lexi to the Bippiti Boppiti Boutique. There you can get your daughters hair done and have them dressed up as a princess. We decided to just get her hair done. Lexi loves to have her hair and nails done. Here is a picture of her with her Fairy Godmother that helped her accomplish her wonderful hair style. Lexi wanted a picture of herself at the Princess area. So, here is a close up of her. She told me later that she felt like a princess. Which was the point of going there. Together the kids got to be in two shows. The first was the Celebrate parade. They thought it was great fun being pulled onto the street and dancing with the characters. The next show was one with Mary Poppins and Bert in front of the Castle. They sang and danced with Bert and Mary Poppins. One thing that I have noticed about Disneyland is that everything look new. Everywhere you look there is a special eye for detail. When you are at the park you can take a picture almost anywhere and it looks amazing. Lexi's Top five rides in Disneyland:
1. King Authur Carousel (She loves to ride it. Plus this trip was even more fun to ride it with Mary Poppins and Bert)
2. It's a Small World
3. The Mad Tea Party
4. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
5. The Many Adventure of Winnie the Pooh

Lexi's Top five ride in California adventure:
1. Jumpin' Jellyfish
2. Toy Story Mania!
3. Monsters Inc : Mike and Sully to the rescue
4. Flik's Flyers
5. Francis' Ladybug Boogie
Logan's top five rides at Disneyland:
1. Autotopia
2. Monorail
3. Gadget's Coaster
4. Casey Jr. Train
5. Disneyland Train

Logan's top five at California Adventure:
1. Toy Story Mania
2. Tuck and Roll's Drive ' Em Buggies
3. Heimlich's Chew Chew Train
4. Monster's Inc: Mike and Sully to the Rescue
5. Francis' Ladybug BoogieEvery day while we were in the park Lexi would grab one of our hands and try to drag us over the the balloons. She wanted one very badly. Finally on the last day we gave in and got her a Tinkerbell and Logan a Buzz Lightyear.Here is Logan and Lexi with Bert and Mary Poppins after there ride on the carousel. They had a wonderful time. While in Toon Town you have to act a little goofy. Which is Logan's favorite character. Here is Logan pulling on the dumb bells. Lexi then of course had to try for herself. Which then lead to the two of them trying to out do each other with posing in front of all kinds of stuff in Toon Town. Logan thought that the door was very funny. Another show that we saw was the Playhouse Disney show. It was very cute and the kids had a blast seeing the characters on stage. Stitch was very cute to both kids after the Playhouse Disney show.Logan thought the Green Army Men were neat and Lexi just wanted to see Jessie and Woody. The Bug's Life area in California Adventure is a hoot. Everything there helps you to feel like you have shrunk to bug size. The kids had a blast running around in there. The day that we celebrated my birthday we took the kids to the PCH Grill for breakfast. The kids had a blast and Logan thought that it was funny that Stitch kept wanting to take my presents. That night we got to met up with my Aunt and my cousin Breanne, her little family and Jared. It was great to eat dinner with them and hang out in the room and visit for awhile.
So, that was our magical trip to the Disneyland Resort.

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Stephanie said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I am getting very homesick for a Disneyland vacation.

I had no idea that you could ride up front with the train engineer. Kaden would die of excitement if he could do that.