Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium opened up this summer in Tempe. The kids were very excited to go. The Aquarium is inside the mall and it is a cool place to go in the summer heat. When we went we also took Jared's sister and her to kids with us. There are lots of fun fish to see the kids loved looking at the star fish, sharks and playing in the playground at the end.

Logan giving his seal of approval that the Sea Life Aquarium is great.Logan is pretending that the Giant crab is attacking him. He was having a blast.There were lots of games to play as you walked around the aquarium. Here is Lexi goofing around with one of them.Logan, Lexi and Jared smiling for a picture. Lexi and a Manata Ray that stopped by her to get his picture taken. There were all kinds of domes that the kids could stick their heads in the kids thought that it was great. They loved it because it was away for them to get close to the fish. Even Brandon thought the domes were cool.Here are all of the kids that came with us to the aquarium. Ryan, Lexi, Brandon and Logan.At the end of the aquarium Ryan finally let me get a good picture of him. Logan and Lexi posed for one last picture before we left the aquarium.
I would say that the aquarium is a very fun place to go. Since our first trip we have been about five other times. I would recommend going to anyone with kids. Walking thru the tube with the sharks and fish swimming around is pretty neat.

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