Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time Flies WHen Your Having Fun!!

Logan was Mr. Incredible and Lexi was Minnie Mouse. They were both so cute. I can not believe that we got costumes that look cute together although they do not go together. Logan was not liking the mask that he had to wear so he ended up with no mask in the end, but he did look really cute. Lexi wanted to be Ariel originally, but she could not walk in the dress. I think next year the costume will be made better and she can be Ariel then if she wants. I made the ears and the shoes because the Disney store was sold out in her shoe size and there were no ears here in the valley of the sun.
Here is a close up of Logan. You have got to love the cheesy grin. It makes me laugh all the time!
Here is Lexi in her costume. If I saw so myself I think that her shoes turned out GREAT!!!
Logan thought he looked so good. It was funny.
Here is my little Minnie Mouse. She did not want her picture taken but I think it is still cute!

I can not believe that Logan is in the First Grade. His teacher's name is Mrs. Hackash. He loves her. Soccer has started I can not believe that I have now becaome an offical Soccer MOM!!! LOL!!!
These are the pictures that we kept from Lexi's Photo shoot. I can not believe how big she has gotten. She is such a big girl. She did not like what she was wearing but I think she looked cute. I still can not believe that she is three years old.
The two pictures below are the pictures that we decided not to keep. the two above were much cutier we thought!!
Well Hugs to All

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