Thursday, September 14, 2006

How funy life is!!

I was talking to my mother in law and she told me of this doll that she had it is like 20 years old never been out of the box and some Budweiser mugs that are really old too. Thought she would sell them on eBay. They are worth nothing yet. We have Lego's and other things that are worth a great deal. It is funny how we place a value on things that we like and do not like.

I can not believe that Halloween is coming up. So excited for that. The costumes have been bought. And am getting ready to decorate the house for the spooky fun. Logan can not wait to be Mr. Incredible and Lexi is going to be Minnie Mouse.
I still can not believe how big they are getting. I even ran out and got fun patterns for the kids to use when we carve the pumpkins. It should be a blast. We are going to have a Hansen Party. And will carve pumpkins and play find the money in the straw and have dinner. Then the smarts will also be having a carving thing on Sunday before Halloween. I do not know about you but it feels like once Aug. is over that Christmas is right there staring me in the face. Lots to do with Lexi turning three in November and then it is Thanksgiving and BAM!! it is Christmas!
Hugs to ALL

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