Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Belong....

Logan was baptized today. I was so proud of him. Chase spoke on Baptism and did a wonderful job. He gave an example of a paper boy and that before the boy was baptized the boy was able to be tempted and so he could get burned by the flame or temptation in this case. after the boy was baptized he was new again and was not easily tempted so the flame did not harm him. The kids loved watching him talk about it. Terry spoke about the conformation and her talk was sweet and the kids loved it. She had a beautiful wrapped boxed with different things in it to give to Logan. the Kids all squealed when the walkie talkie spoke back to Logan. Jared baptized and confermed Logan. He was all smiles. It was wonderful to see him follow the teaching of the church . This was a special day to me. I could not help but think back to my baptisim and smile. I am sure that Lexi's will be just as nice and hers will be in just three years. That is a scary thought.

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