Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fun with the cousins!!!

When we decided to have Logan's baptism after Chase got home from his mission. We knew it would be great to have it with as many of Jared's family as posible. We were really lucky that everyone was able to come but Blair's family.

This is Logan with his cousin Hunter. Hunter is the son of Craig and Christine. They live in Nevada.

Here is Jared, Brit and Logan with the Bishop of the Anthem Ward. He is the GREATEST!!!!!! Our family just loves him and his beautiful wife.

Jared and I could not have been happier for Logan. Although I was tired after having just had surgery and getting ready for my first round of Chemo it was nice to have something to celebrate.

Alanna, Lexi and Brandon at Grandma Smart's house. They were having a blast playing together.

Here are all of the Smart grandkids. Well almost all of them. Stephanie is pregant with number four. But this is all of them for the time being.

Brandon, Lexi, and Amanda swimming with Stephanie. They had a blast swimming from the steps of the pool into her arms.

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