Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Week that is FULL!

I can not wait for Thursday. Logan is going to be baptized on Thursday. I am so excited for him. What a neat treat. I remember getting baptized and how neat I thought it was. When I have some pictures I will post them of that. Jared is going to be baptizing Logan and Jennifer and McKenzie are going to be singing. Chase and Terry are going to give talks. I think it will be so nice for Logan plus how many kids get so say that they were baptized on Pioneer Day.
Then on Friday I will start chemo. So, only time will tell how that works out. But I do know that my last day of it will be on Halloween. So, that is cool to think about. Plus, that means I should be all done by the first of the year which is what I am looking forward to. What is it that people say, a new year a new start? Well, I am excited for that. I now know that the trials that we receive while we are here on the earth are not only given to us to help us to grown as a person but can prepare us for new obstacles that might come our way.
Anyway hugs to all of you.

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Rebecca Tresler said...

I hope you are doing well! You are on my mind.