Saturday, September 12, 2009


So, on Labor Day Jared and went to Vegas for a little get away. We went with another couple and had a blast. The casino that we stayed at was the Monte Carlo. The rooms were nice. We were on the eleventh floor and had a great view of the pool.
Our first day in Vegas was on Monday. We arrived at the Monte Carlo around noon and checked in. I unpacked our bags and from there we went over to the Mirage for Lunch. There is a great hamburger place that is call the BLT. Unfortunately the grill was done so we thought that we would go to the deli that was right next door that we heard was wonderful from my parents , but the wait was and hour long wait. So, instead we went to the Diablo that was at our Casino. The food was good not great. After that we walked up the strip to the Venetian to go and pick up our tickets. Instead of walking the very long hot walk back we took the monorail that runs up and down the strip. When we got back we all cleaned up and then went back out to a great Japanese restaurant.
The next day we went out shopping and just checking things out. Then it was time to head to the Venetian to go and see the Phantom of the Opera.
I can not even begin to explain how excited I was to see this show. To start off the casino is amazing to look at. The theater is modeled after the 1858 French Opera house. That is where the Phantom of the Opera is suppose to take place. When we went to take our seats , we lucked out and were offered sixth row up from the stage and center. The seats were great.
The Phantom and Christine had amazing voices. These are the actor and actress that we saw on Tuesday night.

Because this is not a touring show. There are things that are very different. Lot # 666 or the chandelier actually gets put back together as it is going up into the ceiling. and as the show is going on it shakes when the Phantom is angry. There is also a part where the Phantom hangs from the Chandelier over the audiences head. And when the Chandelier falls it comes straight down stopping a foot above the audiences heads.
Also the neat thing about the theatre is that the side are fahioned after the opera house and they have people sitting in the boxes. The entire thing was just amazing.
All in all the trip was amazing. It was so nice to get away and spend sometime with Jared.


Kristi Kroeger said...

I loved that show! I have seen Phantom a few times and this one is by far my favorite! Glad you had a good time

Anonymous said...

Vegas is all good. Very cool. :)