Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Teenagers can be a BLAST!

Logan and Lexi are not teenagers yet. Although I think that Lexi would like to disagree with that. My brother and sister both have, in my opinion some pretty great teenagers and young adults. Each of them brings something fun and exciting to all of the family events.

Chase is the oldest of the grandchildren. He served a mission in Ukraine. He is a fun loving guy that enjoys being around family and friends. It does not matter who you are you feel pretty special when you are around him. As an added plus he has a pretty good sense of humor. He is great a sports, he shines when he is doing anything physical.
(sorry mom that you look bad in the picture but is too funny not to show off.)
The next oldest grandchild is McKenzie. And too soon for me to admit she will no longer be a YSA she will be married. McKenzie is like Chase in the way that she loves to be with family. She loves to listen to what people are up to. She has an amazing voice that she gets from her mom. She along with all of the women in this family LOVES shoes.
Tyler is next in line and an all around entertaining guy to be with. If you ever need a good laugh you can turn to Tyler. He knows the line to just about every movie and quotes them quiet frequently. My kids think he is super funny.

Here is a video that he did that just makes me laugh every time I watch it. Tyler made it for his Spanish class.

And at this point the last teenager is Paige. Paige is very creative. I know that if I have a artistic question on what looks good with what or what is in style right now, Paige can tell me that. She adores Lexi and Lexi think that all the attention she gets is wonderful. Paige is very loving and I enjoy being with her on a one to one. It is at those times where Paige shines.
As I look at the rest of the kids on my side of the family, Cole and Blake are right at the tween age. There are excited for scouting and enjoying the actives of those fun years. I can not wait to see what they will be like.

On Jared's side of the family there is only one teenager, Joshua. He is a very funny guy. He loves to sing and make up stories. He enjoys watching the discover channel which has been very educational for Logan. For instance, the other night Logan and my dad were hanging out and Logan turns to my dad and says, "Grandpa I have something I want to tell you." My dad asks him what it is. and Logan replies, " Do you want to know how sheep are born? Never mind Grandpa it is too gross. ..... Ok I will tell you anyway They just poop them out Grandpa. Poop them Out!!!" My dad asks where he learned this. Logan informs him that on Sundays he watches the Discover channel with Joshua.
All of these YSA and Teenagers have been great examples to my kids. I love each and everyone of them.

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