Thursday, December 04, 2008

A Flagstaff Thanksgiving

Every Year for Thanksgiving we go up to Flagstaff, Arizona and stay at the Little America. We have such a BLAST up there. We celebrate Lexi's birthday on Wed., then I take family pictures before we go to the best Buffet in Arizona on Thanksgiving and on Saturday we go to the Lighting ceremony at the hotel.

Here are the pictures from are super fun weekend.

That was our Fun Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone of you also had a Fun and relaxing Thanksgiving too.


Mama Bear said...

Love all the pics of the family! I can't believe how big all of the kids are crazy! Looks like a fun time! We need to take Meredith to see snow this year...she has never seen any! :)

AmberlyGreen said...

Wow, you made me cried. We so miss you guys and your super cool and fun family. Hope you know that we love you!

Taylor and Jodi said...

Great pictures! I've always loved to see them every year in my parents Christmas card.