Monday, September 01, 2008

Saying good bye!

About two and a half years ago we welcomed Tali into our home. She is a sweet dog that loves to bark and swim and run and run and run around the house. When I was told that I had cancer she was a bit of a comfort to me. Licking my hand and trying to be a good girl. When I was told that I should not be around outside dogs because of their poop and what not. I was sad. I did not know what was going to happen to Tali. My sister was great she offered to take Tali while I was going to go through treatment.

Now, I will be the first to admit, I think I tried to make the family fit the dog and not the dog fit the family. With Tali out of the house the kids were calmer the house seemed more pleasant, and I have to admit it was a nice change. Still, the idea that Tali was not coming back had not crossed my mind.

About a week ago, my sister called me and told me that her trainer Joe , a very nice lady, knew a guy that wanted Tali. Now, I have to say at first I was shocked. I knew the man I had met him briefly at a few PWD shows and water trails. He was a very nice man. He bought a dog named Cody from a breeder that I was going to get a puppy from but decided to wait a few more months. Cody and most of his litter mates have died from varies disease most of them being cancer. To say that Brett and his family was devastated by their loss. I had to feel bad for them. Losing a pet that you love is hard.

I guess I should say that I knew that taking Tali was hard on my sister. Nemo her PWD loved the companion, Curt did not like the new pet. I do not blame him. Tali can be difficult.

So, I started to pray about what I should do. My parents offered that when I get better that they would help me get a new dog. Buy it for me if they had to. They told me that I needed to find a more clam breed one that like just sitting in a persons lap for hours at end. I have to say I think that they were right. I mean I loved Tali but she was never really into just being still. Plus she was so energetic that it would get the kids going even Logan. And Logan does not need help getting going. I mean with his ADHD, he is always ready to go and full of energy.

I also had some pretty strong feelings that Tali needed to go and be with this family. She was meant to be with this family. I know it sounds weird. But I know I was only meant to have her in our family to help this man and his family with being able to get her.

On Sunday, all of my feelings were confirmed. The family came to see Tali and it was love at first sight. For her as well as them. I can not tell you the joy that I feel knowing that she is where she needs to be. Sure, I will miss her. But she is where she finally belongs.

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