Friday, September 08, 2006

More layouts and more life on the plate!

I still can not believe that Logan is in first grade he was so excited to go. Now that school is getting into our daily life Logan got a 100% on his first spelling test. He is making lots of new friends and loves his teacher.
Lexi misses her brother and has a hard time when the bus takes him to school. She is my shopping buddy, errand running buddy, house cleaning and tv buddy. Although she hates to see him go and loves to see him come home the two of them can sure still fight.
To help pass time and to wear my kids out. Jared and I have put them into some classes. Lexi is now in dance class we will see if she likes it. I think mom is learning more about tap and jazz then she is. Logan is taking Karate with a friend of his from school last year. He will also be taking soccer and will start soon.
I completed two more los for the store that i create los for.
Jared is back on the streets and all of the officers are buzzing about the guy that they caught. The hope is this guy will be the Baseline rapist/ killer. He loves his squad and is the senior officer on it.
Hope all is well!
Hugs and kisses

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