Monday, October 06, 2008

School Photos

Well, it was school year photos once again. Logan wanted to make sure that his hair was just so. He is growing up so fast. Lexi wanted to make sure that everyone knew that the picture was of her.

So this is Logan's third grade photo. I think he looks very handsome. I asked him what he thought. He said, " Well, the girl's in my class said that it was the nicest smile in the class. So, I guess it is good."

When Lexi brought home her pictures she was so excited that she could not stand it. When I started to cut them up to hand out to family Lexi got all upset. "Hey, those are mine." I told her that I was giving them to family and that seemed to make her happy. If you look at the picture Lexi is wearing her A necklace. A for Alexis. She said that none of the other girls had that and so everyone would know that she was Alexis. I had to laugh. She is just getting so big and to smart.


Mama Bear said...

They are seriously growing up too fast...I can't get over how big they are! Logan is in 3rd grade...what? How is that possible? They are the necklace!

Lisa said...

I was just there in August and they have grown so much since then. They are so cute!!