Sunday, November 09, 2008


Okay so this is going to be a really long post. I have a lot to talk about. There are fun things that have happened and things to be thankful for. First, a week before Halloween Paige and her friend Carson held the annual Hansen Halloween Party. It was held at Terry's house. The girls did a great job and the kids seemed to think it was a blast.

Paige had set up all kinds of games. Like how much candy in the jar and what dead body parts do you feel and how fast can you wrap a mummy. Greg and Jen's family came along with the Dukes, Dale ands Lisa with their two cute girls, Chase's friend, Paige's Boyfriend and his family and then Grandma and Grandpa.

Lexi loved hanging out with all of the teenagers. I am telling you I think she thinks that she is going on fifteen instead of five.

Lexi, Cole and Logan dressed up to scare people as they were coming inside. They thought this would be a lot of fun.

Then as usual we carved pumpkins. and let me tell you there were a lot of pumpkins to carve. Logan this year was really into carving. It was neat seeing him so excited.

Lexi want a Cinderella pumpkin while Logan started out wanting Sponge Bob but went with carve your own face.

This year Lexi wanted to be Sleeping Beauty for Halloween. I asked what she might want to be back in September. And she never changed her mind. She was a little sad that I would not buy her a real sleeping beauty wig. I made her wear her Hannah Montana Wig telling her no one would know.

Logan came up with his own costume idea. He wanted to be a Shamu trainer. I thought that sounded cool. So I found a wet suit on clearance for five dollars went on to the Shamu website and bought the Believe necklace that the trainer are wearing during the show and he carried around Lexi's stuffed Shamu.

As the kids went around the neighborhood people thought that Logan's costume was very neat and that Lexi looked just like a Disney Princesses. I have to say when they came home I have never seen so much candy. It filled a Fry's reusable grocery bag.

I can not believe that I am saying this but I am done with Chemo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On November the Third I got my last infusion of chemo. Although I hate the pain that follows a treatment. I left Mayo on that day feeling great!! I can not believe that I finished all eight treatments.
On Wed. the Fifth I went back to the Mayo to talk to the surgical oncologist. But before I visited with him they ran a mammogram and a diagnostic mammogram. Guess what they found when they looked at my film. NOTHING!!!!!!!! There was no tumor. They could not find it. The Chemo worked it dissolved my tumor completely. I can describe how excited this new made me feel. I have one last step in my treatment and then I am done. I have to go in and have surgery. I will keep everyone posted on what date that will happen. So there is the news. that is what is happening.


Taylor and Jodi said...

It is so fun to see what the family is up to in Arizona! And Congratulations on your chemo, that is fantastic! I hope all continues to go well for you.

McKenzie Hansen said...

YAY!!!!!!! YOU'RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy for you! You are amazing Brit! I knew you would brave it better than anyone! I think we need to have a celebration! Love you!