Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Not Much is new!!

Let's see there is not that much that is new going on right now.
Logan was allowed to go to the pine wood durby. He was such a good sport. He got third in every race but one. In that one he only got second but he thought it was a blast. I could have not been prouder of him.
He also feels the need to be the Man of the House when Jared is not there. The other day he and Lexi had me so stressed I did not know what to do with my self. Logan came up me and said, " Mom why don't you go in your room relax and read your book." I could have died. It was too funny.
Lexi is just having fun being Lexi. She has a best friend named Bella and they have lots of fun together.
Jared still loves work and is enjoying the responsiblity that the Sargent has given him.
Other than that life has been pretty slow.

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