Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change!! - Alice in Wonderland

Lately I would say this statement fits my life. I love spending time with my children their friends and my family.

As a child I would go to the summer movie days with my friends. This was at a time where the parents could drop you off and come back when the movies would let out and not really worry if you were going to be taken. So now that my two children are old enough to go to the movies ( well one is anyway!) I must go to the movies with them. I have to say that is has been a fun experience. Every Wednesday I take the kids to see the movies of the week and then let them choose which restaurant they would like to go to. We usually end up at Mc Donalds, Taco Bell, Peter Piper Pizza, or Chick fil a.

Today was a McDonalds day. The kids really wanted to go to this one that is near the theater that has a big play ground. While we were there my youngest was bitten by a little boy. This children that saw it thought it was this one little boy. I asked the little boy if he had bitten my little girl on the back. He did not respond so I said in a loud but calm tone " Who does this boy belong to?" No one answered me so I said in a louder voice ( still very clam ) "Who does this boy belong to he has bitten my daughter?" A man then explained that the boy was his and that he does not bite so it could not have been him. I said ok that the children had told me that he was the little boy and thanks for telling me. Another parent stopped me and said that there was a little boy that looked just like the other one and that his grandparent had run out of the restaurant with the little boy when my daughter started screaming and saying she had been bitten. Feeling bad that I might have offend the other little boy's dad, I walked over to him and started to apologize for any inconvenience or upset for questioning his son's biting habits. With that the smile that I had was wiped off my face with this man swearing at me and calling me names. I once again said how sorry that I was and that it was just a misunderstanding. He then replied that I was a crazy lady and that he was sick of me and hated that I had screamed at his child. I then once again said there must be an understanding that I had not yelled at his son. Only asked him a question and the in a raised voice so that parents could hear me asked who was his parent. With that the man responded with more lovely language name calling told me that he was going to get the manager if I did not leave him alone. I once again said that I was sorry that he was in my shoes I was sure that he would have acted the same way wanting to know how it was that had done that. He said more lovely things and I smiled at him and said, " Well, I am sorry." he gave me a dirty look and with that I packed up the children and left. I have seen that man there with his kid before so although the playground is great. I am not going there EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Looking back on that today now that it is later, the swelling on my daughters back is going down and the bruise is now just teeth marks. I can say that I was the calm one in the situation and he was the jerk. I will more than likely see him on the news for being in a road rage tragedy.

On a lighter note, life is going great. I have many scrapbook los that I need to finish for the store that I am on their design team. It is a store in Gilbert titled Devine Memories. They have way cute stuff and everyone there is as sweet as apple pie. Well, it is almost dinner time. Now I just have to figure out what to make.

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