Sunday, May 15, 2011

Overdue Update

So, we have been pretty busy around our house lately. I was helping out with the Daddy Daughter dance that is held at our school every year. I was in charge of decorating the school cafeteria. I think we made it pretty neat looking. Jared could not take Lexi to the dance because he could not get the night off. So, Lexi asked if Tyler her cousin could take her. We called Tyler and asked him if he would be her date for the dance. He said yes and Lexi was very excited. She had a blast with Tyler, they even won a dance competition. Lexi thought it was really neat to get nail polish.
A few weeks after that, we were all getting ready to say goodbye to Tyler. He is going to be serving a two year mission to Cali Columbia. We are very proud of him. He is a wonderful young man and I am sure that is going to do well over there.
My dad took all of the boys to a spring training game. So, my brother and his three boys went, Curt and Cole went, my dad and then Jared and Logan. Logan had a blast with his dad and his cousins watching the Diamond Backs at the new spring training facility. They sat out on the grass. It was pretty cold and they had to bundle up in blankets to stay warm. Jared told me at one point he went looking for hot chocolate for everyone because the blankets were not keeping them warm. They all got hot dogs to eat and Diamond Backs hats to wear to show their support of the Diamond Backs. I believe that Jared told me that the Diamond Backs won the game which is always exciting to have the team you are cheering for win.
When the kids were out of school for Spring break we took a trip to California. I think that everyone from Arizona was there. Well, maybe not everyone but it was pretty darn close. While we were there the kids got to met Duffy. He is the teddy bear that you can buy in California Adventure. After stopping and saying hi, Lexi and Logan both spent their money to buy their own Duffy bear. Lexi got her bear and outfit just like the real Duffy was wear and Logan's is wearing a a baseball outfit.
It was lots of fun hanging out with my parents. We traded pin with the kids. Went on lots of rides and just enjoyed a break from every day life. Lexi is our brave little girl she went on lots of new rides. She was willing to try a bunch of rides. We were really proud of her. I think Jared will have a riding buddy soon. It was fun to see my cousin Breanne. She came and met up with us at the park. The next day she came back with her husband Casey and Jared was thrilled. He was able to ride some of the rides I refuse to go on.
Just like Grandma Hansen the kids have the trading bug. They love to go up to Cast Members and see what pins they have that hey can trade. It makes me laugh to see them run up to a cast member with Grandma fast on their heels. But the kids are really sweet, if they see a pin that Grandma will want they trade for it for her.
Beside pin trading Lexi has gone mad for Vynalmation. She bought and traded many of them while we were there. I am afraid that when we go again she will want to take all the ones she has and see what she can trade for them. These Vynalmations are not small like pins. There is a store in Downtown Disney called Dstreet that she like to go into because they have all kinds of Vynalmations. Plus, there is a giant one that you can get you picture taken with. On this trip Lexi was able to get Logan into Vynalmations. Logan does collect the Vynalmation pins and now has a small collections of the figures as well.
Also in Downtown Disney is the Lego store. This is Logan's Favorite store. I am not sure why this one is so great. We have two in Arizona but this is his favorite one. He loves to look around the big store. On this trip
I took a lot of pictures of them on the cool Lego wall right outside of the store. At first Logan was not sure he wanted to get on the wall. But he really wanted his picture taken. Lexi is are ham. She is always wanting to have her picture taken. While in the store Logan and Grandpa bought Lego mugs for the family to use. There are names on the mugs. Because they did not have a Brit mug Logan decided to get I love mom and I love dad mugs to make it fair. It was very sweet, and the kids love to drink out of their own mug.
When we got back from Disneyland we were once again
wrapped up in everyday life. But then some big things have been happening. The first is that Jared and I went on a diet. I have lost 20 pounds so far. Which is huge. I gave up soda ( it was my most favorite thing in the world). We are on a Paleo diet. Were are happy, we are eating better and I feel better. Then Jared turned 34 this year. We got him a new bike for his birthday and we are sending him to a police conference that he loves to attend each year. The second big thing that happened is that McKenzie my niece had her first baby. I am a GREAT AUNT. Her name is Emily and she is as cute as a button. After that exciting news, we got ready for my dad to turn 75!!
We all celebrated by writing a letter about what we admired about him. And had a fun little party with just the family. And just as life was getting back to normal Chase informed us that he is engaged!! We are so excited for him and Ashley. We think the world of Ashley. She is a sweet girl and they make a cute couple. They are get married in August and Lexi and Logan are going to be in the wedding. they are both very excited. Welcome to the family Ashley!!
And that has been what we have been up to now school is almost out. And we are planning lots of trips.