Friday, October 15, 2010

Mickey's Halloween Party

So, this year we decided to go to the Mickey's Halloween party in Disneyland. We had so much fun while we were there. We found new and fun places to eat, the decorations were so fun and the kids had a blast. We got to California on Sunday 10-10-10. That was our first day in the park. The kids were so excited to see the Giant Mickey pumpkin and all of the decorations that covered the park.
We at a one Character Breakfast two times. It was so fun. The kids enjoyed being able to just relax and meet some fun Characters.
Many of the Characters are in Costumes out in the front of the park. I thought that it would be fun to have Jared get his picture with a Disney version of what an officer of the law might look like.
One thing I noticed about this trip was there were lines, lines and more lines. But the kids were just happy to be in Disneyland again.
While in Disneyland we were able to hang out with my Aunt Jane, Uncle Scott and Cousin Jared. It was so fun just spending the day with them.
I should not be surprised that Lexi fell in Love with my Aunt Jane. Jane is so sweet and fun to be around. She and her son Jared are two peas in a pod. And Lexi adores both of them.
Here is a big group shot of all of us infront of the giant pumpkin. My parents, our little family, my Aunt Jane and Uncle Scott and Cousin Jared.
Minnie and Friends Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn was fun. Like I said earlier we ate there twice this trip. One it was nice to beable to walk in the park and sit down for a meal with out waiting in a line and Two, the kids had a blast seeing the characters.
Logan wanted to make sure that he was in the picture for this Character. He is at that age where there are some he wants to see and others he could care less about.
You can not go to Disneyland during the fall and winter and not take time to see the amazing Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. Sally is always at his side when the pose for pictures near the Haunted Mansion.
The Haunted Mansion is decorated all up in the Nightmare Before Christmas Style. It is so fun to see all the Nightmare stuff decorating the the Mansion. I loved the smell of the Giant Gingerbread house that sits on the table where the ghosts are having a party.
Jack is not only out during the day but if you go to the Halloween party he has a special spot to meet and greet people as well as he has a dance party right next door that we stops by to dance in every so often.
Here is Jack Skellington at the meet and greet.
Here is Jack Skellington at the Dace party. He is getting ready to teach us all a dance.
Here we are with Jack at the Meet and greet. Uncle Scott was Gus, My dad was Linguini with Remy on his shoulder, Logan was a Jedi, Lexi was Cinderella I was Snow White, Jane was the Fairy Godmother, My mom was Malificent and Jared was Prince Charming.
Here we are with Jack Skellington. Jared was a good sport about being Prince Charming to go along with Lexi's costume. Everyone thought that they looked so cute together. When we were over by the villians area Anastasia, Drizilla and Lady Tremanie started calling out for Jared. They Yelled "Prince Charming Yohoo!" When they got to Jared they were trying to get him to pick them over Lexi. It was very cute and Jared liked having the girls react to him that way.
All over the park they have these ghost Mickey Mouse lights and tricker treat stations and fog machines going. They have fun halloween music playing and they also have swirling fun shapes on the ground and on the building. The park also has a Halloween Parade and Fireworks show.
When entering the park, They give you only a really narrow walk way so that they can constantly check your braclets to make sure that you paid to be ther for the party. Then the line opens up and you are in the party. Well, as we were going through the line. Two workers had pointed out LExi and Jared then saw Logan and me and then heard me tell my mom and dad to hurry so we would not miss Jack's first show. A worker named Lorrie and Chris stopped me and said, "You are all one big family!" I smiled and nodded. The two workers looked at each other and then at us and said we have to have you in our show. We said that sounded like fun and that is how we got to be party of the Halloween Parade.
Here is the picture that they gave us as a Thank You for being in the parade. While we waited for the parade to start the dancers and the characters came up to the car to say hi and wave. Lexi was so excited to see all of them and Logan thought it was a blast to get to see what it looked like backstage. Logan was a ham. He loved waving at the crowd and smiling at people. Lexi could not decided what side of the car she wanted to wave from. When the parade was over Lexi turned to us and said," I am so working here when I am 18."
When the party started to winded down they had the fireworks show. I loved them. It was so amazing and fun to watch. I have to say, although the trip was fast and it was hard to meet up with many of the friends and family we were hoping to see I would have to say the trip was amazing!