Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is a CCW anyway?!?

So, a few months ago a friend of mine told me that she wanted to get her CCW. (Conceled Carry Weapon )I had heard of Jared talking about what a great idea this was for me to do as well. I was able to brush it off with a that really doesn't sound like me but thanks anyway.
Then Jared comes to me and says "Brit my boss is having a CCW class and I want you to take it." I reply to his request with, "How much is the class?" He smiles thinking that I am going to instantly agree ( he is so cute that way) and says, " Well the class is really $100 dollars but you get to take the class for $50. He is dropping the price for friends and fellow officer's wives." I nod my head and then ask, "Can I just have the money and spend it at the Tiffany store?" He shook his head and said "NO!" Being that Jared hates to lose he tries again. "There are going to be a couple of other wives from the squad. I think that you will love to Hang out with them."
Right there is what I think Jared thought his winning argument was. I really do not think he has ever taken a full day, all day class ever. You really can not talk to anyone except for break time and then it is only 15 min.
If you have not already guessed, I decided I would take the class. Not that I really want to be carrying around a gun. I really do not see myself as the type. But to really get myself more aware of the gun laws that are in place.
I have to say Jason is a good teacher. I learned a great deal. I passed my test with flying colors. And I even qualified with a gun. Does this mean I like to go shooting, hunting and camping? ...... NO! I still would rather go shopping but I am way more comfortable with a gun. So that is what I have been up to.