Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Day has finally come.

So, yesturday my Aunt Kathy came to stay with us. She is going to help take care of my kids. They are so excited to have her here. It is really cute to watch how they interact with her. It is nice to know that the kids feel so comfortable around her.
My surgery is tomorrow. I can not explain the feelings that I am feeling. I am scared, tired and excited all at the same time. I know that the surgery is going to go on with out a hitch. I am just scared about the idea of going and having it and being in pain later. Not to thrilled with that idea.So, for the next 5 to 7 days my home will be in the Mayo hospital. I wanted to let all of you know how much your prayers and words of encouragement have ment to me. I can not being to thank all of you for your wonderful words and notes and prayers.
I hope I will be able to post something in here right away so that all of you will know how I am doing.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What I was suppose to be doing today!

What I was suppose to be doing today was have my bilateral surgery and reconstruction DIEP Flap done. What am I doing instead... I am blogging. How could this be so you might be wondering. Well, yesterday I went in to see the plastic surgeon and she told me that the other doctor that works with her my Surgical Oncologist threw his back out and has a herniated disk and his left side was numb so he was have emergency surgery on his back at noon yesterday. I hope that all goes well for him, but that leaves me in a lerch.

As that I do not drink liquor I decided to go and eat what I wanted for lunch and not worry what the doctors are going to say. Because I mean really what are they going to do to me cancel my surgery for a few weeks.... that already happened. So, I went to Cheese Cake Factory and had a Cobb salad ( so good!!!! I have not had a salad from a restaurant in weeks!)and I also had a Godiva cheese cake slice. Let me just say if you love chocolate and you love cheese cake go and get yourself a slice of that from the Cheese Cake Factory.
So GOOD!!!!!

I will try to keep everyone posted on when I am going to go into surgery. That might happen on the 26th of January it might be sooner. Thanks again to everyone that has given their support to me. It means the world to me.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas 2008

The Christmas Season this year started off with rain, rain and then more rain. And although I love it when it rains, this year I could have done without so much rain. It rained so hard that we had to bring in our five big blowups that we have in our front yard and dry them off because they were so full of water. The kids thought it was so cool to have them in the garage for four days as they dried out.

Jared's family celebrated Christmas on December the 20th. There were a few people missing. Scott was at the party via the way of a long distance cell phone call, Blair was in Nevada on a big job that had to be done, and Stephanie and the girls were still in Demoni. Other than that Everyone else was here. The kids played hard, did crafts, rode horses and played the wii. We had our Christmas program with another family this year that had lost their home due to the way the job market is right now. The family was very nice. They joined us for dinner, caroling, FHE, presents and a visit from Santa. It was really neat to see everyone, and the kids had a blast playing with their cousins.

This year I was in charge of Christmas Eve. The theme was "Coming Home". I came up with this idea because it was Chase's first year back from his mission. Jared's parents came as well as Amber and Chad's little family. We had a great time. Everyone preformed a skit. Jared and I made a music video of all of Logan and Lexi's visits with Santa to the song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" Sung by Bruce Springsteen.Terry's family did a skit on what each of their family's favorite thing to to at Christmas time was done to the music "Tradition" from Fiddler on the Roof. Greg and Jennifer's family sang about mom's Christmas cookies and what their favorite ones were to the Song "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" from the Nutcracker Ballet. And Amber's family talked about what they like to have for breakfast on Christmas morning. For dinner we had Prime Rib and cheese potatoes,green beans and cranberry jello. We had a special visit from Santa, and the kids put on the nativity. Here are some pictures from the evening.

We had Christmas at my parents house and the kids had a great time. Logan got a ipod shuffle in green that he loves, amoung other toys. Lexi got a cat that looks and moves like it is real, it is her favorite present that she got this year. Jared got a ipod nano and a razor that are tide for his favorite gifts. I got a Tiffany mesh ring that I love. I also got my Nikon digital camera early that has been so fun to play with. As a family, Jared and I bought the kids a wii with a bunch of wii games. But the kids think that Santa gave it to them not us. So, that was our Christmas!