Sunday, June 24, 2007


San Diego was great. We all had such a good time. The weather could not have been better. We enjoyed many things. We went on the air craftcarrier Midway. While on it Jared, Curt and Cole, Paige and I all rode on flight simulators. Jared did a really good job flying. Curt and Cole as one would expect from a form piolot and a man that owns his own jet business did a great job. Paige and I on the other hand such never be put behind the controls of a plane. we suck!!! I think we died atleast 5 times in three min. It was fun. We screamed and had a blast. and drew a big crowd.
Here is Logan and Jared in front of a jet on theMidway.
This is a picture of what the rooms looked like for the Navy guys that they get to sleep in. Very small and very humid. We spent a day at the beach. It was so fun. But I have got to say it was so cold. The wind did not stop blowing for one min. Although the wind blew non stop it was nice to have it be cool and enjoyable.
Piage and Lexi loved being together. Lexi was Paige's shadow.
Paige and Lexi
We loved Sea World. What a fun time. You can not help but to smile as you watch these great animals and their trainers interact.
Paige Modeling a very classy Shamu hat. LOL!
Lexi and Paige on the Manatee statue.
Shamu girl, she flies off to help make sure that everyone follows the advise of Shamu's trainers to believe in ones self.
There is something magical about these wonderful creatures. Lexi and Logan fell in love with them as soon as she saw Shamu.
That is a big mouth!!!!
Atlantis was a really fun ride at Sea world. Logan was a little nervous to ride it so he stood and watched. He got wet as he watched us come down the water slide.
This picture sums up our trip. SHAMU ROCKS!!!!!!