Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Logan and Lexi are nuts about these small stuffed animals. You can get them at different toy stores. They cost about 7 to 10 dollars. Each stuffed animal comes with a code and that code helps you to adopt an animal. These stuffed animals a big out here in Anthem. On the website you can build you animals a home and buy them clothes and other things for them to play with. There are all kinds of gamesto play and this is how you get money to buy different things for your animals. The website is called webkinz and can be found at.

As you can see Lexi has very girly stuffed animals and Logan has very boyish looking ones. The names that the kids have come up with are a so cute. Logan's Monkey is Jack, his Tiger is James, his Lion is Little Man and his tree frog is Climber.

Lexi's Yorkie is Puff, her cat is Snuggles, her Unicorn is Pixie and her Poodle is Sunny. We laugh because she think that the Yorkie is a Poodle and is not quite sure why it looks different from the little poodle that she has.

Last night we went to a Squad Party for Jared's work. The kids had fun and everyone was really nice. It was fun being around members of Jared's work again. Not that the Ladies at communications were not nice. But his job was for police work. It is nice to see him doing what he loves doing again and interacting with others from his squad.

I can not believe that Christmas is almost here. It is scary to think that it is less than a week away. Jared says that he has one more gift to get me. And I still need to get stocking stuffers. But other than that I think I am ready for it to come.

Warm Wishes and HUgs


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Ok! So we put the lights on the house trimmed the tree, the stocking are hung. The Christmas cards have been sent out all, 35 of them. So what is left on my list of things to do before Christmas Eve. Get the Kids Pictures taken with Santa. I always try to beat the mad rush to see him as it gets closer to Christmas. So, Jared and I decided to make the day of it on his day off. We would walk around the outlet malls here in Anthem and then go to Santa's house for a shot with the Jolly Old man himself. As we entered the buliding Logan is trying to remember everything that he wanted. Although his list was short he wanted to make sure that the colors and names were right and where Santa might be able to get them if His elves were not able to make them to his exact specifications. Lexi on the other hand is singing a song about Santa and how he says HO HO HO! Everyone thought she was a sweet little angle. LOL!! As we got closer to Santa Lexi turns to Jared and says I need a list. So jared runs her to a little table to jot down the two things that she wants from Santa. As we get closer to it being our turn LExi decides that PIctures with Santa are not such a good idea. Santa was very sweet and talked to Logan as it got time for Lexi , the camera people were on their toes ready for the shot. AND BOY DID WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is what is being said as this wonderful picture is taken Rolling his eyes he say she is always like this. Santa tells lexi "OH it is not so bad." Lexi just sits and frown at the lady with the rubber raindeer that she keeps squeezing hoping to get the winning smile. Who come to the rescue to her remove the frown Jared. Although the good picture Lexi is not frowing I do not think that you can call it a smile either. But Logan and Santa look cute.
So here is the good photo. I think that both were cute but when the Lady told me I got a free 5x7 of my choice I had to get the unhappy face one. The Following pictures are of the decorations that can be found in our home. THe tree is the main thing in our small home. I love to get and buy ornaments for the tree. At this rate I will need a Christmas tree grouping and just a Christmas Tree.
I think that one of my favorite things on the tree is my alarm system. One year Pottery Barn Kids had bell garland. I ran over the day ater christmas and bought enough to cover my tree. I also got 5 large grouping of bells that match the garland. Now when little hands are not where they should be the tree rings for it own safty.
I love Hansen porcilen figures. I have many in my home. But the one that I love to show off at christmas is the nativity.
I like things at are old looking or that are different from the norm. I love this little grouping of santas that I have. Each one different and fun to look at.
Well LIke I said before Happy Holidays!! Hopefully I will get to see each of you in person to give you a proper Christmas greeting. If not Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I can not believe that Charistmas is 22 days away!!!!!

My christmas cards are ready to go out in the mail. I am making cookies and wraping packages. I have a few more to buy which is normal for me. The tree is trimed the decorations are up and the outside lights are just about done.
I will post the picture of the house and what is going on.
sorry this is so short but I have a lot to do with Christmas only 22 days away. AHHHHHH!!!